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Building Sector calls for Crackdown on Union Bullies

The construction industry across the nation, represented by Master Builders has apparently demanded a crackdown on unions who bully suppliers and other industry members who deal with major construction companies as a protest against the company that they have a

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Master Builders Queensland Commends Construction Policy Changes

The Master Builders Association Queensland branch has commended the construction policy changes made by that state’s government but the MBA cautioned that more still needs to be done. A number of important areas of policy have been addressed by the

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Construction Confidence in Victoria still High

As the year winds to a close and we are all looking forward to the new year and new possibilities, the construction industry in Victoria is more optimistic than ever about the prospects for the industry over the next five

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White Card Update: Grocon Wall Collapse results in $250,000 Fine

A magistrate recently ruled that the Grocon wall that collapsed in Melbourne posed a threat to everyone who walked past it however did not see fit to impose the maximum penalty to the company. Unfortunately a brother and sister duo,

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House Construction Picking Up

Housing construction figures continue to rise as mining construction figures continue to decline. According to an article on the Sourceable.net website construction figures on Wednesday summed up the economy’s “rebalancing” well. Activity faded in the mining sector however elsewhere in

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Construction Tradies Best Places in Oz to Find Work

While construction activity across the country is on the rise there are some places where population growth and an increase in building approvals have resulted in even more of a surge in building activity. According to statistics from the Housing

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Construction White Card Training: Brisbane Region

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Thousands of people need to get themselves Construction White Card training every month – and many of those live in the greater Brisbane area, due to the significant amount of apartment building activity and other construction projects taking place in

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Join 90,000 Construction Workers Who Have Completed White Card Training Online

Are you starting a job in construction in the new year? Then why not join thousands of people who have completed the mandatory construction induction training online? The construction induction course – The White Card course, is the mandatory minimum

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Common Misconceptions About Construction Induction Training Debunked

The construction industry across Australia is at its peak and for this reason many young people are considering entering the industry. If you like working with your hands, hate the confinement of an office and like a challenge, construction work

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Getting a White Card – A Benefit to Everyone

As we observe Safe Work Month, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss one of the most crucial aspects of construction safety – “training”. If you’re in the construction industry or considering seeking employment in this sector

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