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New Campaign to Make NSW The Safest State

NSW may become the safest state with the launch of a new $3.2 million safety campaign. The “Safety starts with you” campaign was developed as a way to address the concerning number of workplace injuries and illnesses in the state.

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Watch a Stadium Being Built Over 32 Months in a Couple of Minutes

If you’re interested in the construction industry, this video is for you. Watching the construction of the MB Stadium in Atlanta is a sight to behold as you see 32 months of work go by in a matter of minutes.

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Video Shows Funny Building Fails

This video shows some funny building fails that often leave us wondering how they could possibly happen? But there is an important message behind them. While safety training and instruction is crucial, common sense is just as important when it

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Watch Major Roadway Construction Underway

There’s something so satisfying about a construction time-lapse, watching something rise out of nothing. In this video we’ll see the King Georges Road interchange construction underway. Although road construction can be inconvenient for motorists, they always make traffic flow so

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How Did These Fails Happen?

This video will leave you wondering how these heavy equipment accidents could happen. Although we’re only in the first month of the year, there have been a number of serious construction accidents already. Let’s be particularly cautious when we operate

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Australian Construction Site Domino Bricks Topple

So this is what construction workers do in their spare time? These Australian bricklayers have found a novel way to bring one of their favorite childhood past times to the building site but instead of using dominoes, they used bricks.

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Chinese Scaffolding Collapse Footage

Who can forget the tragic scaffolding collapse that claimed so many lives in China recently? But who exactly was to blame for the tragedy that led to 74 deaths? Let’s watch the video below for more,

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2016 Construction Fail Video

As we return to work this year, let’s not forget the construction fails of 2016 so we can avoid them in the new year. Some of the worst heavy equipment accidents were caught on this video.

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Here’s How Far Construction Machinery Has Come

Each year construction technology seems to improve drastically and now you can watch the latest amazing modern intelligent technology heavy equipment in action. These machines are so amazing its almost easy to forget how dangerous they can be in the

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Video Highlights Heavy Vehicle Fails

While these heavy equipment fails caught on video are entertaining, they more importantly highlight the high risk nature of heavy equipment operation. While operating heavy machinery and equipment on a construction site is high risk, everyone on site is at

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