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Watch as The Noble Park Sky Rail Goes Up

Watch as the initial elevated beams are erected as part of the Noble Park sky rail along the Cranbourne and Pakenham train lines. The $1.6 billion project will be completed by the end of 2018 and will create thousands of

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Construction Workers Flee Site Due to Landslide

Construction workers on an Indian building site can be seen fleeing the site as a massive landslide approaches. The cliff alongside the building site gives way probably due to heavy rainfalls in the area or improper construction methods, some have

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Watch Awesome Road Construction Equipment at Work

The modern heavy equipment used to construct roads has made building roads faster and more efficient, however they are not without their risks. It’s important to not only have the appropriate high risk license and training needed to operate these

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Campaign to Highlight Digging Safety

Did you know that just 30cm under the ground are underground cables carrying enough energy to kill you instantly? That’s why the safety message of this campaign is so important. “If you don’t know, don’t dig” Watch the video for

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WorkSafe Video Highlights Risks Associated with High Rise Falling Objects

Construction sites are one of the most high risk working environments and falling objects are one of the risks that we need to contend with. Even objects that fall from relatively low heights can cause serious injury, so employers must

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Minor Injury (Blister) Treatment

Even minor workplace injuries can be annoying and hinder productivity. Take something as seemingly small as a blister, perhaps caused from repetitive movements holding a hammer on the work site. Not only is the actual blister painful, it can be

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Reduce Minor Injuries and Costs Simply

A video from WorkCover Queensland recently highlighted the importance of finding simple solutions to workplace risks in order to reduce minor injuries. While the video features the manufacturing industry in particular, those in the construction industry can also benefit from

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Video Shows Us What Can Go Wrong in Construction

Here’s another construction fail video, this time showing us all the mistakes construction workers can make on a building site. Although these fail compilation videos are usually meant to be humorous, they do highlight the importance of safety training. It

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How To Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer if You Work Outdoors

Sun safety is one of the most important safety issues affecting construction workers given that we spend most of our time outdoors, in the direct sunlight. If we don’t take the proper precautions we are putting ourselves at risk of

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New Campaign to Make NSW The Safest State

NSW may become the safest state with the launch of a new $3.2 million safety campaign. The “Safety starts with you” campaign was developed as a way to address the concerning number of workplace injuries and illnesses in the state.

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