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Heavy Equipment Construction Fails

Here are the worst construction heavy equipment / excavator fails of 2018. Watch this video if you want to know exactly what you should never do on a construction site.

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Redefining What Workplace Safety Means – WorkSafe’s New Ad Campaign

The video below is part of WorkSafe Victoria’s latest advertising campaign which includes people from different industries sharing their views of work. The video aims to highlight the changing nature of what it means to be safe and healthy at

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Shopping Mall Construction time-lapse

As this video highlights, there are so many activities taking place simultaneously on a construction site at any given time thant safety needs to be the first priority. Each person on site needs to undergo the necessary safety training to

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Construction Time-lapse Video Shows Sydney Harbour Pop-up Opera House

Let’s watch how the well coordinated efforts of the workers on the La Boheme pop-up opera house on Sydney Harbour paid off with a stunning monumental set, huge street lights and glittering snow. In the video you can see how

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Crane Climbing as Stupidity

Securing construction sites on weekends and after hours is important, especially as more and more attention-loving people set their sights on construction cranes to film crazy stunt videos. In this video, a teenager illegally enters a construction site and climbs

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Hauling Big Construction Heavy Equipment

Hauling construction heavy equipment is no easy feat, but these pros make it look easy. Some of these will make you cringe, but watch and see how heavy equipment is transported even in the most extreme environments, it is no

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Construction Vehicle Gets Away from Workers in this Video

One of the basics of operating a construction vehicle is knowing well enough to turn it off when you disembark, unfortunately it’s a lesson this construction worker has had to learn the hard way after he chases down the vehicle

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Fixed Modular Bridge Under Construction

During natural disasters the Australian Army step in and help in a number of ways including building temporary roads and bridges to help the community as they rebuild. This video shows the army constructing a modular bridge in Bundaberg a

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These Extreme Excavator and Heavy Vehicle Fails Highlight Machinery Safety

WorkSafe Victoria conducted a safety campaign aimed at mobile plant and equipment over the course May after a number of incidents over the years resulting from poor mobile plant safety. In this video are some of the scariest excavator fails

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Watch What Happens When A Crane Collapses On A Construction Site

Crane collapses have become a regular occurrence with the latest one happening on a building site at Breakfast Creek in Brisbane. A drilling crane collapsed on a development site, crushing several cars. The video below shows us what happens when

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