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How Broad Core Tubular Stainless Steel Building is Helping The Chinese Build Super Fast

The Chinese have developed a super fast way of construction buildings using stainless steel. Buildings in the Chinese province of Shenzhen are coming up faster than ever, with stainless steel tubes at their core. Watch how and why this new

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Company Fined After Worker Injured on the Job

The importance of safely lifting loads on work sites has been highlighted by an incident which resulted in a $50,000 fine for a Brooklyn company. The 2015 incident happened when a stone benchtop weighing 182kg was being lifted using a

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Alert Issued about Power Line Safety

WorkSafe Victoria has issued a reminder to everyone operating heavy vehicles and machinery to check for power lines, following a number of serious incidents that occurred over the past few months. Last month there were 2 incidents that occurred, one

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Physicians Release Statement About Benefits of Good Work on Health and Wellbeing

The benefit of good work and returning to work has been highlighted by The Royal Australasian College of Physicians in a position statement- The Health Benefits of Good Work. According to research based on Australasian and international evidence, good work

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Workers Warned of Lightning Risks

WorkSafe WA recently reminded all outdoor workers to take extra care when working during thunderstorms because of the increased risk of being struck by lightning. WorkSafe said precautions should be taken during thunderstorms to reduce the risk of being struck.

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Before Eagle Farm Construction Deaths, Workers Walked off site

According to reports from the CFMEU workers had walked off the Eagle farm construction site days before the deaths of 2 workers. The 2 men were recently crushed by a large concrete slab and a worker has since come forward

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Construction Worker Launches Jobseeking App

A construction worker from the Gold Coast has launched a jobseeking app, dubbed the Tinder of job apps. Construction worker Ben Finney and his business partner Stuart Young have launched an app which has been described as the “Tinder”of job

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Sufferers of Catastrophic Injuries to Get Lifetime Care

The Queensland Government has just passed laws that guarantee lifetime treatment, care and support for workers in the state that have sustained life-changing injuries on the job. The new bill is an amendment of the Worker’s Compensation and Rehabilitation Act

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Gender Inequality in Construction

According to a recent report women earn less and are less likely to be promoted in the construction, mining and finance industries, typically male dominated fields. Despite women’s participation in the workforce increasing over the last 2 decades, women are

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Burglurs Target Melbourne Construction Site

A Melbourne construction site has been the target of burglurs once again. The building site was targeted multiple times with burglurs stealing tools and electrical cabling worth almost $40,000. The burglurs were caught on CCTV inside the apartment complex being

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