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Teenage Worker Lost in Tragic Sydney Construction Accident

An young apprentice was killed on a construction site in Sydney, having been crushed when scaffolding collapsed. The 18 year old worker was crushed to death while a co-worker sustained critical injuries in the collapse. The young formworker initially couldn’t

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Workers Suffers Serious Leg Injuries in Demolition

A worker was seriously injured during demolition activities on Northbourne Avenue in The ACT. The man suffered serious leg injuries and required rescuing after being trapped in a machine. Hydraulic rescue tools were used to free the man from the

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Is Work Stress Bringing Down Your Health

The construction site can be a stressful place and left unchecked this stress can become toxic, not only to your mental health but studies suggest to your physical health as well. Experts have warned that ignoring stress caused by a

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Employers Urged to Keep Young Workers Safe during Flood Recovery Operations

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland recently reminded all employers to supervise apprentices during flood recovery activities in North Queensland. Authorities say Electrical Safety Office inspectors have discovered instances where electrical apprentices are performing electrical work without the necessary supervision. Apprentices

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Watch How Construction Wood is Made

When we want to build something out of wood, we simply need to visit the hardware store but at one time people had to source the wood they used for themselves. Thankfully it isn’t such a mission for us anymore,

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Man Trips and Becomes Impaled on Steel Bar at Work Site in Gosford

Have you addressed all slip, trip and fall hazards on the work site? A serious workplace incident that happened recently is an example of the consequences of failing to do so. A freak accident at a Gosford construction site has

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Workers on Canberra Light Rail Work in 40 Degree Weather

The hot weather isn’t behind us yet and the construction union is calling for workers to stop work when temperatures reach 37 degrees. Recently construction workers on Canberra’s light rail network were forced to work in 39 degree heat. The

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Careers That Require CPR Training

If you’re involved in construction work or if you’re an electrician, first aid training or CPR is required. Not only do these skills help make you more attractive to prospective employers, making your resume stand out from the rest, it’s

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Man Injured After Falling from Wall in NSW

A worker has been injured after falling from a retaining wall on New South Wales central coast. The 56 year old man was apparently doing some gardening at his own home in Avoca Beach when he fell 3 metres off

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Cancer Council Urges Employers to Standup for Employee Health

Employers in Queensland have been encouraged to make employee health more of a priority as figures show 4 in 10 adults aren’t active enough. The Cancer Council Queensland says sedentary behaviour has come out as an important risk factor for

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