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Worker Loses Life in Workplace Accident near Darwin

WorkSafe NT is conducting an investigation into a fatal confined space incident at a construction site recently. A 56 year old man was killed in the incident at Bladin Point in Darwin, the worker was in a confined space at

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Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency Progress Report 2016-17 Released

The report that details the asbestos eradication progress, The 2016-17 ASEA National Strategic Plan Progress Report  was recently launched. According to the Chair for the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Council, Diane Smith-Gander, 2016-2017 was the second full year of the implementation

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Company Fined for Workers Serious Fall Injury

Injuries due to falls when there is a known risk of working at height are never acceptable – that’s the message from WorkSafe New Zealand after a construction firm was sentenced recently for an incident involving a worker falling from

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Traffic Controller’s Death – Construction firm and Roads Authority Charged

Remember the fatal incident in November 2011 when a traffic controller was killed after being run over by a road sweeper, the Victorian road authority and a construction company have been fined $1.5million over the incident. The Victorian road authority

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Teen Killed by Construction Truck

A student from Pennant Hills High School in Sydney’s upper north shore was recently struck and killed by a construction truck in Hornsby. A RMS spokesperson said the truck was transporting soil to the Hornsby quarry site, one of the

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Risk of Trench Collapse Highlighted by Safety Alert

A safety alert issued by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland details the risks involved when a shoring box or other trench support system does not extend for the full depth of the trench – trench collapse is a major concern.

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Beware Ground Instability Risks Associated with Excavators

The extractives industry has been warned about the importance of effective controls to manage ground instability hazards. A safety alert was recently issued by WorkSafe New Zealand to remind the industry about the issue, following an incident when an excavator

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Study Says Injuries Among Older Workers Set to Increase

According to a New Zealand study, older workers have a higher rate of workplace injuries. The study looked into the role played by age in the likelihood of work related injuries and studied the nature and cause of injuries in

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Help for Construction workers over the Holidays.

Construction workers can become stressed and suffer injuries in the lead-up to the Christmas holidays for a number reasons. This time of the year is usually associated strains and an increase in workplace injuries. As workers rush to complete the

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Worker Fatality Numbers Rise

As the year draws to a close it’s the usual time to take stock of the year and our acheivements and while construction may be booming, it hasn’t been a good year for the 28 families who lost loved ones

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