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Company Fined $75,000 Following Serious Injury of Young Apprentice Worker

A builder from Toowoomba has been hit with a $75,000 fine after a teenage apprentice was injured in 2017. The apprentice’s hand was lacerated from his pinky finger to the base of his thumb by a circular saw. The apprentice

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Overdue Pay Prompts Construction Worker to Destroy Newly Built Hotel Lobby

A dispute over pay led to serious destruction at a site in the UK. a construction worker went to extreme measures when he wasn’t paid on time, destroying the lobby of a newly built hotel. Police are investigating after the

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Tradies, Why You Need to Take Care of Your Health

A recent study found that tradies are more likely to take care of their tools than they are to take care of their health. This is alarming, given that you’re more likely to get injured on the job than any

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Tradesman Has Feet Amputated After Accident

A worker has fallen 20 metres while working on a construction site at Varsity Lakes. The Gold Coast father had his feet amputated after the incident on Wednesday. The carpenter was taken to Gold Coast University Hospital where he had

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NorthConnex Site Hit by Tragedy

Tragedy has struck the NorthConnex project, claiming the life of a 65 year old worker at the Wilson Road compound. The death is being investigated by police and SafeWork NSW but it is understood that the man died after being

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Highest Paying Jobs Where You Don’t Need a Degree- Construction At The Top

If you are considering a career path that doesn’t involve a university degree, a recent article on News.com.au may help. In the article, the writer listed some of the best paying careers for anyone who doesn’t have the money or

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Griffith Construction Site Victim Released from Hospital

The worker involved in the crane incident at a Griffith construction site has been released from hospital. Work safety assessors are continuing their investigations on the site after the man was hit by a half tonne screen which slipped while

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Worker Killed on Construction Site

A worker has died after being struck on the head by a woodchipper at a construction site about 30km south west of Brisbane. The man in his thirties died on Tuesday after an incident on Monday afternoon. The worker was

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Construction Site Fall Leaves Man Critical

WorkSafe Victoria recently confirmed an incident at Merricks North on the Mornington Peninsula involving a 69 year old painter who suffered critical head injuries after falling 4 metres. The incident happened on Sunday when the man was painting at the

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Suicide Among Construction Workers Targeted by Prevention Program

  The sad truth is that tradespeople in Australia are 6 times more likely to commit suicide than to die in an onsite accident, so why don’t we pay more attention to worker mental health and depression? MATES in Construction

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