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Big Building Construction Time-lapse Video

The construction of a big building is complex and time-consuming but with the wonders of modern technology we can watch years of construction in just minutes, like in this construction time-lapse video.

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Dubai Transformation Tracked from 2012 to 2016

Dubai is well known for its ultra modern and sophisticated architecture, even boasting the world’s tallest building – The Burj Khalifa. Let’s see how much this city can change in just a period of 4 years in this time-lapse video.

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Watch Bridge Construction Time-lapse

Bridges and roads make our lives so much easier and we couldn’t imagine life without them, but we often forget how complex they are to build. To appreciate the work that goes into building the infrastructure that enables us to

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Shopping Mall Construction time-lapse

As this video highlights, there are so many activities taking place simultaneously on a construction site at any given time thant safety needs to be the first priority. Each person on site needs to undergo the necessary safety training to

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Construction Time-lapse Video Shows Sydney Harbour Pop-up Opera House

Let’s watch how the well coordinated efforts of the workers on the La Boheme pop-up opera house on Sydney Harbour paid off with a stunning monumental set, huge street lights and glittering snow. In the video you can see how

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Video highlights Timber Tower Construction

Construction of the tallest timber structure in the world has been completed. In just 70 days the building the building went from prefabricated timber components to a fully constructed high-rise. The building is 18 stories high and at 53 metres

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Timelapse To Help You Appreciate the Art of Construction

There’s nothing like a time-lapse video to help you appreciate the art of construction. This video shows the development of the new University of Newcastle building in the Newcastle CBD between May 2016 and June 2016. The project is expected

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Impressive Stadium Construction Time-lapse

The impressive Mercedes Benz Stadium will be the new home of American NFL team The Atlanta Falcon. The video below shows an army of workers, cranes and construction equipment at work on the massive structure in February 2016.

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Construction Time-lapse Video

Construction has been in the news alot lately, for all the wrong reasons. There have been multiple construction worker fatalities over the last few days. Let’s watch builders at work on a building site to remind us why construction safety

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Video Details Melbourne Building under construction

This cool time-lapse video showcases the complicated construction of a basement in Melbourne,  with car stacker pits in a confined space.  

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