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Young Apprentice Fatality in Sydney- Company Had been Warned about Safety Before the Accident

Recent reports have emerged that reveal that safety concerns were raised at the Macquarie Park site where 18 year old Christopher Cassaniti was killed prior to the scaffolding collapse that resulted in his death. A report by 60 Minutes indicated

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Sydney Scaffolding Fatality Prompts Calls for Safety Review

Calls for an urgent safety review of the construction industry and scaffolding in particular have been renewed following the death of an 18 year old apprentice at a Sydney construction site recently. The most recent fatality was that of 18

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Another Construction Death Prompts Renewed Calls for Safety Inquiry

Yet another fatality in the construction industry has prompted renewed calls for  an inquiry. The NSW Workplace safety watchdog has issued more than 100 notices for breaches of scaffold safety rules during it’s blitz last year, months before the death

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Inspectors in WA Target Scaffolding

An inspection of WA workplaces has begun with WorkSafe inspectors visiting sites across Perth and regional areas looking into scaffolding safety. Over the next 8 months inspectors have an extensive schedule of proactive inspection programs and will be using an

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Workers Fall from Scaffolding on Sydney Site

  Work from heights remains one of the highest risk work activities across all industries and particularly in the construction sector where another incident has occurred. This time 2 workers had to be rushed to hospital after falling from scaffolding

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WorkSafe Act Construction Site Audit Finds Non-compliance with Scaffolding

WorkSafe ACT recently conducted an audit of scaffolding on Canberra construction sites and discovered an number of serious non-compliance issues. A lack of protection from potentially deadly falls was just one of the issues uncovered as well as the revelation

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Scaffolding Collapses at North Melbourne Demolition Site

The scaffolding at a North Melbourne demolition site earlier this week collapsed, thankfully nobody was injured in the incident. The collapse, which happened on Monday morning involved three levels of scaffolding which fell from a building that was being demolished

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Chinese Scaffolding Collapse Footage

Who can forget the tragic scaffolding collapse that claimed so many lives in China recently? But who exactly was to blame for the tragedy that led to 74 deaths? Let’s watch the video below for more,

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Injured Worker Rescued from Second Storey Scaffolding

Regardless of where in the world you work, the hazards experienced in the construction industry are much the same. I often come across stories from around the globe that could have just as easily have happened here. Just recently an

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Car Crashes into Construction Site and Lands on Scaffolding

A woman has crashed her car into a construction site in Melbourne’s East and landed on scaffolding. The woman escaped without injury after her vehicle hurled through the temporary fence of the construction site. The car was left perched on

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