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Man Injured on Roadworks Site

Workers involved in road works are under threat by a unique set of risks that requires they receive safety training specific to their work sites and activities. This is in addition to the general construction induction course which all construction

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Don’t Neglect Safety in the Lead-up to Christmas

As we look forward to closing for Christmas, let’s ensure we don’t let our guard down when it comes to safety on the work site, as this time of the year is known for a spike in workplace injuries. WorkCover

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Safety Toolkit Focuses on Young Worker Wellbeing

A new safety toolkit has been introduced by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, focusing on young workers. This is an important safety tool given than 18 per cent of the state’s labour force is made up of workers between 15

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Paying Attention to FIFO Worker Mental Health

The mental health impacts of fly-in fly-out (FIFO) work are being investigated by a parliamentary committee following a spate of suicides among these workers working in remote parts of Australia. Among those calling for action is the Construction Forestry, Mining and

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Burglurs Target Melbourne Construction Site

A Melbourne construction site has been the target of burglurs once again. The building site was targeted multiple times with burglurs stealing tools and electrical cabling worth almost $40,000. The burglurs were caught on CCTV inside the apartment complex being

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Who is to blame for Eroding Workplace Safety in The Act?

A fall in workplace injuries in The Act and decline in the rate of compensation claims are signs that safety in the state is improving but there is still a lack of cooperation between industry bodies which is eroding workplace

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Three Perth Workers Die in a Week

The past week hasn’t been a particularly ‘safe’ one for workers in Perth with 2 accidents resulting in 3 fatalities within hours of each other. One incident happened when a scaffolder fell from a scaffold at Alcoa’s Kwinana alumina refinery. A

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Video Shows Why Electricity is so Dangerous

One of the most commonly occuring accidents in the construction industry is electrical hazards. Contact with overhead power lines is one of the greatest risks associated with construction, especially where cranes and construction vehicles are being operated. Watch this video

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Top Tips for Potential Construction Workers

If you’re interested in a careeer in construction here is what you should know. If you’re planning on starting 2016 with a new career in construction you must first recognise the risks associated with health and safety in this industry.

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Video Captures Bridge Built over River

This is a really cool video showing how a bridge is built over a river, mostly thaks to the help of cranes. Parts of the bridge are assembled on the ground first before being added to the bridge’s structure by cranes

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