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SafeWork Australia Says 56 People Killed in Workplace Related Incidents Thus Far

Workplace health and safety should be the main priority on every construction site, however taking into account the number of workplace fatalities that have occurred in the industry this year, this does not seem be the case. The construction industry

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The Inventions Making Construction Workers’ Lives Easier

Here’s a video of the latest construction inventions and technologies in action. These are the developments making construction workers lives easier.

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Video of The Statue of Liberty Museum Under Construction

Watch the video of the official Statue of Liberty Museum Construction which took place over a 3 year period from 2016 and is finally at completion.

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Report Claims Construction Workers on Government Transport Projects Stressed and Overworked

A report has revealed that white-collar workers working on the Andrews government’s huge pipeline of transport projects are being overworked to the point of near breakdown. The report showed stress and anxiety levels worse than that of many psychiatric patients.

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12 Building Companies in The ACT issued with Stop Work Notices

The stop work notices issued to 17 building sites in Gungahlin have been lifted, 3 months after being issued by the ACT government. The stop work notices were issued as part of a crackdown from Access Canberra on March 1.

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Pinjarra Construction Site Fall – Plumber In Stable Condition

A plumber working on a Pinjarra construction site is in a stable condition after falling into a trench. The 26 year old man was working in the Pinjarra Industrial Estate when he fell off a ladder into a 6 metre

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Young Apprentice Fatality in Sydney- Company Had been Warned about Safety Before the Accident

Recent reports have emerged that reveal that safety concerns were raised at the Macquarie Park site where 18 year old Christopher Cassaniti was killed prior to the scaffolding collapse that resulted in his death. A report by 60 Minutes indicated

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Worker Dies After Electric Shock Incident on Sydney’s North Shore

A man has died after suffering an electric shock while at work on power-lines on Sydney’s lower north shore. Paramedics were called to the scene where they attended to the man who had suffered an electric shock. The 39 year

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Melbourne Family’s Lucky Escape after Crane Falls on House

A Melbourne family were lucky to escape injury after a crane collapsed onto their home, crushing half of the structure. The family watched in terror as the roof of their home in Yarraville caved in as they sat just metres

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Police Search for Duo That Scaled Crane in Melbourne

Police are searching for 2 people who are accused of climbing a crane at a Melbourne CBD construction site recently. The pair managed to evade police who searched the Collins Street building to no avail. Police are still trying to

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