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Roofing Company Fined Over Asbestos Disposal

  The safe removal and disposal of asbestos is an important issue, which some companies still don’t seem to be taking seriously. One Brisbane roofing company has been fined $100,000 after failing to adhere to safe handling and disposal standards.

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Call for More Apprentices to Be Trained

A recent article on TheWest.co.au highlighted the need for more apprentices to be hired for the major construction projects going on in Western Australia. The article noted the lack of incentives to prompt businesses to hire apprentices to help with

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North Connex Construction Workers Undergo Suicide Prevention Training

Sadly young male construction workers are 10 times more likely to attempt suicide than anyone else, which is why projects such as Mates in Construction are of such importance. Recently construction workers involved in the NorthConnex tunnel construction underwent suicide

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World’s Largest Construction Machinery in Action

The average construction worker has seen some pretty impressive construction machines on work sites at some time or the other but the vehicle in this video has some real power behind it!  

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Big Construction Projects Highlight Need for More Training

The Sunshine Coast is one of the areas experiencing growth in the construction sector and as activity increases, so do construction jobs and the need for more workers to be trained. Construction Skills Queensland say training of the Coast’s 16,300

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Drones Taking Over Construction Site Safety Monitoring

As drones take over construction sites in some parts of the world, construction workers can forget about falling short of their responsibilities as these “eyes in the sky” are likely to be used to monitor workers in addition to other

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Modular Construction Makes Superfast Building Possible

The same company that built the T30 Hotel in 2012, a 30-storey building constructed in 15 days is now bringing us a 57 storey skyscraper in just 19 days. The Broad Group will be using modular construction to erect the entire

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Melbourne Crane Collapse Video

Last week saw the collapse of a crane near Burnley Tunnel in Melbourne. This video provides some interesting aerial footage of the collapsed crane left teetering on the edge of the building.    

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Construction Industry Desperate for Talent

Now may be the perfect to consider a career change if you aren’t already in the construction or pharmaceutical industries – these are the 2 industries with the highest demand for labour. According to an analysis of 2,700 companies from

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Find Out if Construction Suits Your Personality

Are you eager to start working in the construction industry? Then you’ll want to ensure you know what you’re in for! The construction industry can be extremely rewarding and exciting but it can also present some challenges. If you’re not

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