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Video of The Statue of Liberty Museum Under Construction

Watch the video of the official Statue of Liberty Museum Construction which took place over a 3 year period from 2016 and is finally at completion.

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Dubai Transformation Tracked from 2012 to 2016

Dubai is well known for its ultra modern and sophisticated architecture, even boasting the world’s tallest building – The Burj Khalifa. Let’s see how much this city can change in just a period of 4 years in this time-lapse video.

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Watch Bridge Construction Time-lapse

Bridges and roads make our lives so much easier and we couldn’t imagine life without them, but we often forget how complex they are to build. To appreciate the work that goes into building the infrastructure that enables us to

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Video highlights Timber Tower Construction

Construction of the tallest timber structure in the world has been completed. In just 70 days the building the building went from prefabricated timber components to a fully constructed high-rise. The building is 18 stories high and at 53 metres

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How Monaco is Expanding into the Sea

Monaco, like so many coastal areas is running out of space and has taken to similar methods as Dubai to reclaim land from the ocean. The offshore urban expansion plan has begun in Monaco and will help expand at least

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Keeping Track of Elizabeth Quay Construction in Perth

Elizabeth Quay construction in Perth began in October 2013. Let’s see how far construction has come since then in this cool time-lapse video.  

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Home Construction Video

This interesting house construction time-lapse video shows us just how its done on the other side of the world. This Atlanta home took just 5 months to build, watch it here.

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Time-lapse shows Construction of Building from the Ground up

Construction, like in this video seems to  be speeding up and the pressure to get projects completed on time seems to be increasing, we need to ensure that in our haste we don’t compromise on safety. Watch as this building

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Watch as Energy Efficient Skyscraper Goes up in 2 Weeks

This skyscraper 30 storeys up took just over 2 weeks to complete, even down to the furniture. Not only is it eco-friendly, its also energy efficient (they say the air is 20 times purer than the outside air). Watch the

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Hospital Construction Time-Lapse Video

This cool video shows a week in the construction of a San Francisco Hospital. This week’s video is a busy one, highlighting ironwork, welding, cranes in operation and carpentry work.

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