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The Inventions Making Construction Workers’ Lives Easier

Here’s a video of the latest construction inventions and technologies in action. These are the developments making construction workers lives easier.

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Amazing Modern Technology at Work on Construction Sites

The world of modern road construction machines is a rapidly evolving one as this video can attest to. One thing that never changes is the need for safety. Safety must be the first priority on any construction site and ensuring

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Explore Construction Technologies of the Future

An interesting post on Sourceable.net.au explores how advancements in technology has given way to new construction innovations. 3d printed houses such as the one in the image above, is one of the technologies discussed. Find out the others here.

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Construction Technology Summit 2016

Construction Summit 2016 has been scheduled for 16 and 17 June this year, with the announcement being made by organisers Aconex Limited. The event will take place in Melbourne, hosted by Aconex, the provider of a leading cloud and mobile

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Progress of Workers Monitored with Construction Drones

Although we have been accustomed to employers monitoring workers via camera, something we’ll need to get used to is drones monitoring workers. The contractors in charge of the new Sacramento Kings Stadium in California are using this new high tech

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Bricks That Help Combat Pollution

The Breathe Brick developed by Carmen Trudell an assistant professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s school of architecture and founder of Both Landscape and Architecture, forms part of a building’s ventilation system, sucking polluted air and releasing cleaner, filtered air. The

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Watch 3D Printing for Construction in Action

Many believe that 3D printing is the future of construction, making building a more streamlined, efficient and affordable process. This video shows how t he 3D printing process for construction components takes place – a concrete beam is printed from

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The Next Level of Artificial Intelligence Revealed

With robots being used more and more in the construction industry to improve productivity and efficiency, we can see first hand how fast robot technology is advancing. Now there’s even a robot that builds robots, taking artificial intelligence to the

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World’s Deadliest Construction Sites

Advancements in technology in the construction sector don’t always correspond with advancements in safety, as the recent Qatar World Cup construction proves. In fact it has been estimated that by the time the stadiums and structures for the Qatar World

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Amsterdam Gets Bridge Built by Robots

Developers in the Netherlands plan to use robotic 3D printing devices to build a complete steel bridge over an Amsterdam canal. The building technique will involve using a set of mobile robots to create a continuous extrusion structure. Two teams of

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