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Steel Frame Construction Benefits

I recently read an interesting article from steel framing systems manufacturer Dynamic Steel Frame about the safety benefits of steel frames in construction. The strength and durability of steel makes it good for safety but there are some other benefits

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Industry Leaders Say Faulty Products a Problem in Construction

Housing Industry Association senior executive director of building, development and the environment Kristin Brookfield says faulty or non-conforming products (NCP) have become a serious concern in the building and construction sector. Global markets, online buying, loopholes in regulations as well

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Video: Ladder Fails, & Cool Ladder System

Recently at the Ladder Safety Conversation at the Annual American Society of Safety Engineers International Conference & Expo in Atlanta Georgia, a leading ladder system and ladder safety company called Little Giant Ladders presented two sessions titled “Fines, Fatalities and the Future of Fall Protection” and “Fall

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Trenchless Construction Now Possible

A post on Sourceable.net.au recently discussed the growing popularity of trenchless construction methods for pipeline installation projects. These methods cost less and minimise damage and disruption on site. As the article details,the method called “pipe bursting” involves the replacement of old

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Watch this Fast Track Bathroom reno!! (1 min)

I’m not sure if they use a GoPro or something more sophisticated to record this reno timelapse by Freedom Bathrooms who do bathroom renovations in Brisbane. Whatever they used, its a pretty cool video! (Only 1 min)

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Would You Benefit from Custom Earplugs?

You may be one of those people that relies on earplugs to protect hearing, as you should on a construction site. If so, be sure to check out Flexshield’s Sonolab custom-fit earplugs which are designed to fit the exact shape

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Revolutionary New Tipper Range Released

Ferret.com.au recently featured an article about Hamelex White’s VersaBOLT range which it called “revolutionary’ and “game changing”. Initially available in high tensile steel rigid, three and four axle dog configurations the new tipper range features a modular bolted rather than

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Glue May Soon Hold Towers Together

Forget mortar and bolts, composite materials and adhesives could soon be used to hold entire skyscrapers together, according to American architect Greg Lynn. Lynn says carbon fibre, fibreglass and other structural plastics could revolutionise highrise construction because they are lighter

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Construction workers worst eaters… is this a solution?

Yesterday we posted this article about the CSIRO research that showed construction workers were the worst eaters in the country!  I well know the peer pressure on a construction site to eat pies and drink copious amounts of Coke!  As

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Smart Safety Helmets the Latest in PPE

The construction sector is one of the most high risk, and technologies are being developed to try and improve safety. One of the latest advancements is in PPE. More specifically the use of intelligence gained through sensors embedded in personal

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