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Young Workers Urged to Get Involved in Health and Safety

WorkSafe New Zealand introduced a new campaign encouraging young workers to speak up for each other.

The campaign titled ‘Be A Safe Guy’, involving the young comedian D’Angelo Martin, focuses on Māori male workers, who are at the greatest risk of work injury in New Zealand.

WorkSafe admits speaking up can be hard but when all workers get involved in health and safety, everyone benefits.

The campaign also states that one of the most effective ways people can stay safe is by talking to each other.

In the campaign which includes videos, posters,  radio adverts and billboards, D’Angelo says, ‘However you say it, be a safe guy – ahakoa o korero, kia haumaru tonu koe’.”

Source: http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/10/safe-guy-campaign-urges-young-workers-get-involved-health-safety/#.W-l9M-IlE1k

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What it Takes to Construct Sydney Metro Rail

It seems the Sydney Metro Rail has been under construction forever but while it can be an inconvenience if you live or commute around the area, this is what it really takes to complete the mammoth project.

In this video you can see crews embark on tunneling under Sydney Harbour, just one of the many in-depth processes that goes into the massive construction project.

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Tragic Accident on Perth Construction Site

Source: Pixabay.com

A construction worker was killed when he fell into a trench filled with water at a site in Perth’s western suburbs.

Workers on site tried desperately to try to save the man who had fallen into a 3m deep ditch and became trapped.Witnesses say they heard the man screaming that his leg was stuck.

While colleagues of the man tried to save him by getting into the water and trying to pull him out, he did not make it. Emergency crews arrived and took 8 hours to retrieve the body.

Find out more: https://www.news.com.au/national/western-australia/a-tragic-accident-has-unfolded-at-a-construction-site-in-perth/news-story/234b264fe453cc3cab70508241ec8c55

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Queensland Aims to Improve Safety in the Workplace

Queensland’s Work Health and Safety Board have developed a plan to tackle safety in the state.

The peak advisory board to the Queensland government on work health and safety issues has developed the 5 year plan in response to the recommendations of the Best Practice Review into Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

According to Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace there are 4 main areas that the plan will hone in on over the 5 year period, namely embracing innovation and technology, designing healthy and safe work, fostering a culture of health and safety and regulating effectively.

The development of the plan is one of just 58 recommendations of the Best Practice Review into Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. Ninety per cent of recommendations made have been fully implemented or are underway.

Read more at https://safetowork.com.au/qld-aims-to-improve-safety-in-the-workplace/

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Government Should Do More to Shake Up Male Dominated Construction Industry

Source: Pixabay.com

A recent article on Abc.net.au highlighted the importance of shaking up the male dominated construction industry, with men making up 88% of the construction work force.

The construction trades workforce is made up of 99 per cent males and 86 per cent of construction managers and professionals.

Women are also quicker to leave the industry and rarely make it to management positions. Women leave the construction industry 38 per cent faster than men.

The main deterrent to women is the long hours, sexism,lack of support to return to work.

Government has prioritised initiatives that focus on women in construction, mainly tradeswomen.  For example in NSW the government intends to introduce gender “targets” for tradeswomen working on state infrastructure projects. They hope to double the number of tradeswomen from 1 per cent to 2 per cent.

See more at https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-10-17/women-in-construction-goverment-can-do-more/10382932

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Elderly Couple Escapes Death when Crane Collapse on House

Source: Pixabay.com

An elderly Melbourne couple have survived a frightening near miss after a 33 tonne drilling rig smashed into the roof of their house while they were at home.

The crane apparently split the Strathmore house in 2, destroying the roof, smashing tiles and sending bricks flying.

It had been used next door at a construction site and was being loaded onto the back of a semi-trailer when it fell.

Neighbours were angry as they had called the local council before the accident to complain about it. They described the situation as “an accident waiting to happen”.

The couple were in shock but uninjured. The crane driver was not injured in the incident.

See more https://au.news.yahoo.com/elderly-couples-terrifying-near-miss-construction-crane-crushes-roof-084457458.html

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Working in Isolation can be a Pain and an Advantage

Working alone can seem like a nightmare to some, while others relish the idea, but recently a researcher at the remote Bellingshausen Station in Antarctica allegedly stabbed a colleague, with some reports saying the victim had given away endings to books that the attacker was using – proving that solitary work isn’t for everyone, at least not for extended periods of time.

Reports say “cabin fever” may have been a factor and that people become restless, bored and annoyed when working in isolation and confined spaces and as this case proves even scientists can be susceptible to it.

According to studies a similar effect can be suffered by other people such as drivers or even people working on a remote construction site for example.

Researchers found that stress, lack of motivation, depression and eventually burnout, are some of the possible risks of isolation.

Researchers also found this isolated work can have an impact on health and lower the worker’s lifespan, for example some workers smoked as many as 15 cigarettes a day when working in these conditions. Read more at https://www.smartcompany.com.au/people-human-resources/productivity/solitude-benefits-pitfalls-working-isolation/

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Video Shows Bulldozer in Action on Construction Site

Bulldozers are invaluable to construction work but operating heavy machinery such as bulldozers is a high risk job and requires the necessary training and certification.

Workers on the construction site must also complete general construction safety training, known as The White Card, regardless of what type of construction they are engaged in – infrastructure construction, housing construction etc.

To see just how vital heavy machinery has become on construction sites, watch this video of a bulldozer in action on a road construction site.

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Watch 6×6 Mammoth European Truck Review

Sometimes trucks around the world have to conquer the most rugged of terrain especially for construction projects and on mining sites. Carting building materials etc. around these rugged sites is no easy task but here’s the truck for the job – MAN’s latest 6×6 European truck.

Let’s watch this goliath in action.

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Safety Advice for Unloading a Truck on A Construction Site

Unloading a truck on a construction site is a hazardous operation which can result in serious injuries and/or fatalities if the appropriate safety procedures aren’t implemented and undertaken daily on site.

Some of the factors that increase risk include uneven ground or when a load is lowered into a pit.

Employers are reminded of the need to regularly review their safety procedures to ensure continued effectiveness.

An incident that happened in the United States is an example of what can go wrong and why safety procedures are crucial. A driver was killed in the 2017 incident when the coal truck he was driving tipped over as he attempted to dump a load of frozen coal.

As the bed raised the trailer rocked and tipped over. The driver attempted to jump from the moving truck and was struck by the truck. He suffered fatal injuries.

The truck is believed to have tipped due to a combination of factors including the size and weight of the truck, uneven ground, an unbalanced load and underinflated tyres.

Adequate training and implementation of a safety plan are crucial in avoiding these types of incidents.

The following steps can be implemented by drivers to avoid incidents,

  • Keep tires properly inflated and ensure they are not worn.

  • Use antifreeze in cold weather to prevent material from freezing and sticking in the truck bed. Ensure the load is evenly distributed.

  • Never overload the upper portion of the truck bed.

  • Keep your truck and trailer in a straight line when backing up, and never move faster than walking speed.

  • Stay in the cab with your seat belt on during the entire dumping process. Never attempt to exit or jump from an overturning truck. Remaining in the truck is the single best thing drivers can do to protect themselves at a mine.

  • Dump only on level surfaces, and never dump when surfaces are uneven, loose, or not properly compacted.

Source: https://safety.blr.com/workplace-safety-news/construction-safety/construction-safety/Dump-truck-safety-for-drivers-Stay-in-the-cab/

Everyone on site has a role to play when it comes to safety including employees not directly involved in dumping or loading onto the truck.

Operators also need to ensure they have safe work procedures in place, have adequately trained workers and are monitoring high risk work activities in particular.

In the construction industry, all workers must complete general construction induction training before they begin work, to ensure they are aware of how to work safely on a construction site. To find out more about this safety training for the construction industry visit www.whitecardonlineexpress.com.au

See more at https://safety.blr.com/workplace-safety-news/construction-safety/construction-safety/Dump-truck-safety-for-drivers-Stay-in-the-cab/

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