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31 People Punished for Deadly Chinese Construction Collapse

China has ordered 31 people to placed under “coercive measures” for a construction collapse that took place in November 2016. 73 people died in the horrendous collapse in China’s Jiangxi Province.

“Coercive measures” are a type of detention ranging from constant surveillance to arrest.

These measures follow the collapse of a platform being built for a cooling tower at a power plant. The incident resulted in the deaths of 73 people. Two more were injured and losses totaled $15.6million.

Although officials did not release the names of those being punished, an investigation found that the incident was caused by a number of issues including the building company’s safety failures and poor supervision.

Another collapse happened on Saturday, 16 September when a railway tunnel gave way. Nine people were hospitalised after being pulled from the rubble by rescue workers.


Read more http://www.globalconstructionreview.com/news/china-punishes-31-deadly-construction-accident/

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Construction Work Surging

According to reports, the construction and engineering sector has rebounded strongly after a slow start to the year and is now 6.8 per cent higher than it was in the June quarter last year.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics data revealed that in the June quarter, both residential and non-residential construction rose by 9.8 per cent to $51.6 billion.

The growth can largely be attributed to engineering work completed, particularly the Ichthys LNG platform off the north-west coast of Western Australia.

See more at http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-30/construction-work-in-june-quarter-2017/8855548

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Construction Workers Make Amazing Discovery

You never know what you’re going to find during excavation on construction sites. A group of workers on a Colorado construction site unwittingly made an amazing discovery while clearing a site for a new fire and police station.

The construction workers discovered the fossils of a triceratops, believed to date back 66 million years.

When the discovery was made, crews alerted the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and they confirmed the discovery of a dinosaur’s shoulder blades, iconic horns and ribs.

Experts said often remains weren’t noticed when excavation was underway and bones were most likely plowed up. It was lucky that workers in this instance were alert and noticed the bones in time.

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Company Fined for Trench Collapse That Injured Worker

A trench collapse which left one worker trapped and seriously injured, has resulted in a $75,000 fine for the earthmoving company involved.

Workers were excavating a trench to lay sewer pipes with a second trench adjacent to the one being excavated. The spoil was along half the length of the north side of the trench and a worker was told to pass a tool from a co-worker inside the trench to the excavator operator on the side of trench. This resulted in the trench collapsing, causing him to be engulfed in the spoil and one side of the trench.

The worker sustained serious injuries including fractured ribs, back and pelvis, as well as a displaced shoulder, an injured sternum, damaged right wrist, collapsed lung, nerve damage and an eye haemorrhage.

Read more at http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/08/earthmoving-company-fined-trench-collapse-injured-worker/#.WZoCQ9ElHIV

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North Queensland Workplace Incident Leads to Worker Injury

A worker was serious injured in a workplace accident in Queensland’s north.

The man, in his thirties became trapped between a loader and a wall during the incident on Friday afternoon.He was reportedly at work at a north Brisbane business at the time.

Paramedics treated the worker for pelvic injuries at the scene before transporting him to Mackay Base Hospital in a stable condition for further treatment.

Incidents like this one can be avoided, however even on the most cautious sites, accidents can occur. That is why it is so important for everyone on site to be trained on how to work safely on a construction site. This training is obligatory for everyone working on a construction site. See here for more.

Source: http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/08/man-injured-workplace-incident-north-queensland/#.WZn_MNElHIV

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Safe Work Releases Data on Tradies Serious Injury

An infographic has been released by Safe Work Australia to coincide with Tradies Health Month which is the month of August, to help tradespeople stay safe at work.

The infographic contains data and statistics on serious claims made by tradespeople, who make up one third of Australia’s workforce but account for 51 per cent of serious workers compensation claims.

Safe Work Australia have also been releasing safety resources and information throughout the month, to assist workers in the trade industries.

Seven new videos and links to guidance materials have also been released. Read more at http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/08/new-infographic-data-serious-claims-tradies-released/#.WZoFCtElHIU

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Workplace Incident Causes Serious Leg Injury for Contractor

According to media reports, another serious workplace incident has taken place on a Queensland work site, this time involving a sandblasting canister.

A contractor was injured when the sandblasting canister fell off a forklift and onto his leg. He had to be rushed to Ipswich Hospital for treatment after initially being treated by paramedics.

The incident is under investigation by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, but it is a reminder of the risks of falling objects on work sites, particularly falling loads such as those being transported by forklifts, trucks, cranes etc.

Read more about this incident at http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/08/contractor-suffers-serious-leg-injury-workplace-incident/#.WZnwXNElHIV

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Mental Health Issues on WA Construction Sites Leading to Suicide

August is tradie health and safety  month and that includes mental health. Sadly this is a topic too often ignored on the construction site and as a result hundreds of workers are dying every year.

According to a new report by Deakin University researchers, 469 construction workers died as a result of suicide in WA alone between 2001 and 2015, this equates to around 33 people annually.

Construction workers are at a particularly high risk, as we’ve discussed in the past, mainly due to the “macho” nature of the industry making construction workers 82 per cent more at risk than those outside of construction.

Mates in Construction, the organisation working to combat suicide in the construction industry says financial pressure impacts on a person’s reluctance to speak out and the shame coupled with a sense of failure and powerlessness leaves them feeling hopeless to the point of suicide.

That’s why its important to spread a message of hope and¬† that we can all start a conversation that can make a difference in someone’s life.

Find out more: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/suicide-a-silent-killer-as-mental-health-issues-stalk-workers-on-wa-construction-sites/news-story/0a2690c8b87c630f6598466a1b9ab5e1

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Collaboration to Improve Workplace Mental Health

Mental health has been a major focus of workplace health and safety initiatives recently given the high number of construction workers succumbing to depression and mental illness, and its an issue we have discussed often. Now WorkCover Queensland and SuperFriend Mental Health Promotion Foundation are working together to improve corporate advocacy for mentally health workplaces, following a similar collaboration in Victoria.

While we often focus on workers suffering from mental health issues and their co-workers, this collaboration is aimed at organisations.

The collaboration called The Leading Well Queensland Collaboration will hold various leadership forums and events for senior business and industry leaders, showcasing those businesses that are committed to mentally healthy workplaces and reduction of psychological injury risk.

This collaboration is based on a previous one involving VicHealth, WorkSafe Victoria and SuperFriend called the Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration formed in August 2014.




Find out more at www.leadingwell.com.au

Source: http://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/08/collaboration-improve-workplace-mental-health/#.WZn6QdElHIV

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Gold Coast Construction Worker in Hospital after Incident

A man was rushed to hospital with leg injuries after a serious workplace incident in south east Queensland recently.

The 40 something man injured his leg on a steel fragment at the Gold Coast Construction site.

The man was rushed to Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment after being stabilised by ambulance paramedics.

The man was transported in a stable condition but this incident.

Source: https://content.safetyculture.com.au/news/index.php/08/worker-hospital-gold-coast-construction-incident/#.WZhrbdElHIV

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