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Amazing Modern Technology at Work on Construction Sites

The world of modern road construction machines is a rapidly evolving one as this video can attest to. One thing that never changes is the need for safety. Safety must be the first priority on any construction site and ensuring

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Melbourne is Australia’s Latest Residential Building Industry Hotspot

  Sydney is no longer the epicentre of Australia’s housing construction boom, according to the Housing Industry Association’s latest research. Melbourne has 12 of the top 20 housing construction “hotspots” over the last financial year, while the remaining 8 are

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How We Can Avoid a Construction Trade Shortage

With concerns mounting nationally about a possible long term trade shortage due to the lack of apprentices being trained on construction trades, it is obvious we need to act now before productivity in the industry is impacted beyond repair. It

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Modular Construction Makes Superfast Building Possible

The same company that built the T30 Hotel in 2012, a 30-storey building constructed in 15 days is now bringing us a 57 storey skyscraper in just 19 days. The Broad Group will be using modular construction to erect the entire

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Indigenous Construction Training Program Gives Trainees Valuable Skills

The construction of the new Toowoomba City Library is providing 12 local indigenous youth with valuable building skills training. Major contractor Hutchinson Builders is helping 12 indigenous building industry trainees gain work experience that will help them in the future. Hutchinson

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