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Video Showcases Construction Workers on The Job

If you enjoy watching construction underway, you’ll love this video of construction workers doing some innovative construction. Are they smart or just asking for trouble, watch the video and judge for yourself.

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Federal Inquiry Found That Being Tired at Work is Equivalent to Being Drunk

If you thought going to work tired every day was no big deal, a new study has revealed that tired workers are as impaired as drunk drivers. Researchers found that tired workers, like drunk drivers present a danger to themselves

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High School Girls Eyeing Careers in Construction Trades

An interesting post on Smh.com.au recently discussed the phenomenon of high school girls from girls-only schools eyeing careers in construction, but many need to be educated about the options available. Research has discovered that most females who are offered enrolment

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Another Construction Death Prompts Renewed Calls for Safety Inquiry

Yet another fatality in the construction industry has prompted renewed calls for  an inquiry. The NSW Workplace safety watchdog has issued more than 100 notices for breaches of scaffold safety rules during it’s blitz last year, months before the death

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Supporting Women Making a Change to the Construction Industry

A recent post discussed the value of a mentor to women entering previously male-dominated fields such as construction. As these fields can be difficult to transition into for women, mentoring programs such as National Women in Construction can help, matching

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Here’s How Many Workers Have Died in 2019

According to the latest figures from Safe Work Australia, there have been 18 Australian workers killed on the job in 2019 so far. While agriculture remains the most fatal sector with 6 fatalities so far, the construction sector has 4

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Workers on Canberra Light Rail Work in 40 Degree Weather

The hot weather isn’t behind us yet and the construction union is calling for workers to stop work when temperatures reach 37 degrees. Recently construction workers on Canberra’s light rail network were forced to work in 39 degree heat. The

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Overdue Pay Prompts Construction Worker to Destroy Newly Built Hotel Lobby

A dispute over pay led to serious destruction at a site in the UK. a construction worker went to extreme measures when he wasn’t paid on time, destroying the lobby of a newly built hotel. Police are investigating after the

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Protecting Workers from Heat Related Illnesses

At the start of summer WorkSafe Victoria reminded employers in the north of the state to ensure the protection of workers in prolonged extreme heat. With temperatures soaring over 40 degrees celcius it’s important that employers ensure work is managed

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Man Killed by Dozer a Queensland Site

One Queensland worker didn’t make it to the new year, having been involved in a bulldozing accident on a mining site on New Year’s Eve. The incident is under investigation by the Queensland Mines Inspectorate. A 49 year old worker

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