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Federal Inquiry Found That Being Tired at Work is Equivalent to Being Drunk

If you thought going to work tired every day was no big deal, a new study has revealed that tired workers are as impaired as drunk drivers. Researchers found that tired workers, like drunk drivers present a danger to themselves

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High School Girls Eyeing Careers in Construction Trades

An interesting post on Smh.com.au recently discussed the phenomenon of high school girls from girls-only schools eyeing careers in construction, but many need to be educated about the options available. Research has discovered that most females who are offered enrolment

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Highest Paying Jobs Where You Don’t Need a Degree- Construction At The Top

If you are considering a career path that doesn’t involve a university degree, a recent article on News.com.au may help. In the article, the writer listed some of the best paying careers for anyone who doesn’t have the money or

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New Job Hopes for Western Australia due to Commercial Projects

The state of Western Australia is said to be heading for a “jobs bonanza” with a 40 per cent increase in commercial construction projects expected this year, totaling billions of dollars. A recent article on The West Australian revealed that

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Construction Sector to Continue Booming in NSW

There’s good news for the New South Wales construction sector, with a solid pipeline of projects to keep construction in the state booming. Construction in the state is set to boom thanks to a number of residential, transport, accommodation and

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Construction Employment’s Positive Outlook

Employment within the construction sector across Australia is strong and according to recruiters both tradespeople and professionals are in high demand. The high number of residential projects underway across Australia has something to do with it, as does the vast

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Reducing Injuries Among Construction Workers

Tradespeople are being reminded by WorkCover Queenslan to prioritise their health and wellbeing. The month of August is Tradies National Health month and the focus is on changing wrong behaviour among tradies for the duration of their career. Tradies are

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Ten Warning Signs of Mold for Plumbers

As a plumber its good to be proactive about issues like mold and look for any occurences before it becomes out of hand. Some of the signs you can be on the lookout for include: Standing water Water condensation Water

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Helpful Tool Review Video

Here’s a useful video review of the Bosch GDR 10.8V EC Impact Driver. If you’re in the market for a new impact driver, be sure to watch this first.  

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Find Out if Construction Suits Your Personality

Are you eager to start working in the construction industry? Then you’ll want to ensure you know what you’re in for! The construction industry can be extremely rewarding and exciting but it can also present some challenges. If you’re not

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