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Sunscreen Can Help Prevent Melanoma, New Study Finds

In a world first study researchers from the University of Sydney found that Australians between the ages of 18 and 40 who regularly used sunscreen in their childhood, had less of a risk of developing melanoma. In fact using sunscreen

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Report Shows Workers Still At Risk Due to Sun Exposure

The 2017 SHARC Report (Skin Health Australia Report Card) has been released and revealed that over 2 million outdoor workers in Australia aren’t being provided with the necessary sun protection by their employers. Almost half of all the respondents (45%)

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Beware Heat Stress as Temperatures Soar

Temperatures are expected to rise significantly over the coming years and it’s not just the high temperatures we need to be aware, the humidity is just as dangerous. According to U.S Researchers we need to be aware of the risks

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