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Timelapse Video Shows 4 Years of Construction in Just a Few Minutes

Dubai is known for its skyscrapers and impressive buildings like the Burj Khalifa but this construction time-lapse is especially impressive because it spans over 4 years of work. Let’s see the kind of progress you can make in 4 years…

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Another 91 Storey Skyscraper Planned for Brisbane

Another skyscraper reaching the maximum allowed height has been planned for Brisbane, this one reaching 91 storeys. Brisbane’s CBD development ceiling due to the Brisbane Airport radar considerations, is 274 metres above sea level, which is how high the new building

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Are We Ready for Timber Skyscrapers?

According to a post on www.thefifthestate.com.au the era of the timber skyscraper is at hand, with researchers at UK’s Cambridge University delivering a plan for an 80 storey high timber skyscraper to London mayor, Boris Johnson. The 300 metre tall timber

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Glue May Soon Hold Towers Together

Forget mortar and bolts, composite materials and adhesives could soon be used to hold entire skyscrapers together, according to American architect Greg Lynn. Lynn says carbon fibre, fibreglass and other structural plastics could revolutionise highrise construction because they are lighter

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Construction Worker Falls from LA Skyscraper

A construction worker has been killed in downturn Los Angeles after falling 53 stories from a skyscraper under construction. The man was working on the high-rise building in LA when he fell and landed on the back end of a

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The Mega Tall Skyscraper Era is Upon Us

Skyscrapers that are over 600 metres high are known as “megatalls” and we’re sure to see alot more of these going up in the near future. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) are the skyscraper authorities and

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Melbourne’s Tallest High-rise Has Flammable Cladding

The tallest building in Melbourne, The Eureka Tower has the same type of non-compliant and high flammable cladding that has caused fires and deaths overseas. The Vic Building Authority discovered a small amount of highly combustible cladding in the Eureka

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Tetrahedron-shaped Building Changes Manhattan Skyline

The new tetrahedron-shaped Manhattan apartment building is about to open and the new apartment block will welcome its first group of tenants next month. The building differs from other New York skyscrapers and one only needs to look at it

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Cranes A Sign of Booming Construction Industry

The number of cranes dotting a city’s skyline is an indication of the construction activity going on in that area and in March the number of cranes in Australian cities has jumped 20 per cent. According to The Australian Financial

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Flammable Cladding Fears Spread to Gold Coast

Following revelations that the use of sub-standard, potentially flammable cladding were rife in Victorian buildings, an investigation is underway into the use of the dangerous materials on the Gold Coast. Building ministers gathered for a forum at Bond University to

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