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Protecting Workers from Heat Stress Important – SafeWork Warns

We still have a couple of months left for summer and SafeWork SA is reminding employers with workers that operate outdoors to ensure the risks of heat stress and solar UV radiation are managed. A concerning report by Skin Health

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How To Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer if You Work Outdoors

Sun safety is one of the most important safety issues affecting construction workers given that we spend most of our time outdoors, in the direct sunlight. If we don’t take the proper precautions we are putting ourselves at risk of

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Reconsider Safety Standards Amid Heat Stress Warnings

Employers and workers have been reminded to pay particular attention to health and safety as the temperatures rise across the ACT. Trade industries and people who work outdoors are at an obvious heightened risk because they are in the sun

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Don’t Become A Victim To The Heat

If you’re going back to work soon, it’s important we don’t take our holiday attitudes with us, especially if we’re working outdoors, as most tradies do. It’s summer and temperatures are expected to soar to their highest ever, so its

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Queensland Heat Stress Policy in The Spotlight

Queensland construction workers want the union to investigate a heat stress policy when temperatures reach 35 degress celcius. We’ve been experiencing an even hotter summer than usual, so workers have called for a heat stress policy to protect them when

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Smart Vests Monitor Construction Workers’ Health in Real Time

A recent NASA study showed that temperatures over the past decade have been the warmest in a century, so we need to be prepared to handle the increasingly hot weather, especially protecting outdoor workers who spend most of their time

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Hottest Days This Summer Yet to Come

SafeWork SA is reminding employers that our hottest days this summer are yet to come and measures need to be taken to protect workers. They urged employers to make sure the work environment presents no risk to health and safety

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