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Federal Inquiry Found That Being Tired at Work is Equivalent to Being Drunk

If you thought going to work tired every day was no big deal, a new study has revealed that tired workers are as impaired as drunk drivers. Researchers found that tired workers, like drunk drivers present a danger to themselves

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Nestle Says Its New Coffee Will Keep You Up All Day

Fatigue is a concern among construction workers, mostly due to long hours, early mornings, pressurised work environments, long commutes etc. Unhealthy lifestyles are also to blame and construction workers are among the most obese in the country. Many construction workers

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Technology to Help Employers Monitor Fatigue

Increased working hours, night shifts, workplace stress and other lifestyle factors have contributed to the growing trend of workplace fatigue. In high risk industries fatigue is more than just inconvenient, it can be deadly, which is why some employers have

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