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Workers Urged to Locate Underground Cables Before Excavating

Essential Energy is reminding workers that they are legally obliged to contact Dial Before You Dig to identify the location of underground networks before excavating. It is vital that workers know the location of underground cabling such as electricity, gas,

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Construction Firm Denies Responsibility for Wall Collapse

A construction firm has denied any wrongdoing in the case of a collapse of a wall at a construction site in Queensland but according to investigators, excavators “dug too deeply”. About 15 people had to be evacuated and accommodated at

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Company Fined for Trench Collapse That Injured Worker

A trench collapse which left one worker trapped and seriously injured, has resulted in a $75,000 fine for the earthmoving company involved. Workers were excavating a trench to lay sewer pipes with a second trench adjacent to the one being

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SafeWork NSW Launches Campaign to Protect Construction Workers Digging Live Electrical Cables

The latest safety campaign from SafeWork NSW is aimed at protecting construction workers from digging into live electrical cables. The campaign launched by SafeWork NSW and NSW electrical networks, “The Don’t know, Don’t Dig” campaign follows a 65 per cent

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World’s Longest Tunnel Finally Complete

The world’s longest rail tunnel is nearing completion after envisioning the project in 1947. It’s exciting times as Swiss engineer Carl Eduard Gruner’s idea of a long tunnel under the Alps is finally near opening and just 16 years after he predicted. 

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Construction of World’s Longest and Deepest Tunnel Complete

The world’s longest and deepest train tunnel has just been completed in Switzerland and will open to the public on 1 June 2016. The impressive feat of human engineering spans 35 miles in length. The project began 20 years ago

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Spot an Excavation Cave-in Before it Happens

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?   What about this one? When you consider the consequences of a cave-in, it is baffling why so many builders don’t take the necessary safety precautions to prevent collapses. The workers in

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