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Construction Equipment Giant Believes Drones are The Future of Construction

We recently spoke about the increasing use of robots on construction sites particularly the masonry robot. But bricklaying robots aren’t the only technology speeding up work, drones have been tipped as a productivity enhancement tool  for construction sites. Although Caterpillar is

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How Drones Are Taking Construction to New Heights

An article on Abc.net.au recently discussed how drones are revolutionising business in many fields including property and construction. Estate agents are now able to capture previously unseen views of properties and developers are showing off their creations like never before

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Progress of Workers Monitored with Construction Drones

Although we have been accustomed to employers monitoring workers via camera, something we’ll need to get used to is drones monitoring workers. The contractors in charge of the new Sacramento Kings Stadium in California are using this new high tech

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Drones Taking Over Construction Site Safety Monitoring

As drones take over construction sites in some parts of the world, construction workers can forget about falling short of their responsibilities as these “eyes in the sky” are likely to be used to monitor workers in addition to other

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