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5 Virtual Reality Gadgets for Builders

Here is a list of the latest construction technology, must-haves for builders taken from Construction.about.com. These may just revolutionize the way you do business. 1. DAQRI Smart Helmet  With a 4D display this helmet makes giving instructions to workers more efficient

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Construction Technology Developments – “Brick Laying Robots”

A new development in construction technology is expected to reduce the number of masonry deaths we see each year. The brick-laying robot can be seen in the picture above working alongside other construction workers on an American construction site. The

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Beware of These Android Apps that Drain Your Battery

Have you been losing battery life on your Android phone more than usual but can’t figure out why? We’ve all experienced it, our phone dying in the middle of day and then shutting down! Perhaps one and/or more/all of these

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Fun Facts About Modular Construction You Need to Know

As the popularity of modular construction grows in Australia and around the world, here are some facts I thought you should know, found on TriplePundit.com Modular Buildings are flexible – they can be customized to suit your budget but they

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Time-lapse Video Shows Burj Khalifa Construction

Known for being the tallest and one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world, the video of the construction of The Burj Khalifa helps you to appreciate exactly what went into the grueling construction of this jewel in the dessert.

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How High Can We Really Build?

We’ve all noticed the trend for buildings to get higher and higher, each one trying to out-build the other.  But how high can we really build? At what point will we no longer be able to keep climbing? This interesting

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World’s 5 Mega Construction Projects

One of the shortest titles that buildings usually hold is “world’s tallest”. There is always a taller skyscraper going up somewhere, each one trying to claim the coveted title of “world’s tallest”, even if just for a little while. This

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Microsoft Brings Virtual Reality Headsets to The Construction Site

Microsoft is apparently working on developing a hologram headset which will allow construction professionals to see projects in virtual reality 3D. Together with technology specialists Trimble, Microsoft aims to make it easy for contractors, engineers and architects to “walk” through

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Charge Your Mobile Phone in Just 60 Seconds

Our smartphones have become indispensible for both private and professional use. And we all know how frustrating it can be when our phone’s battery dies in the middle of the day. Well those days could be over soon. University of

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Regulatory Framework for Drones to be Enhanced

With the new technology entering the construction industry we need to make sure that while we maximise on time and save money, we don’t neglect health and safety. One example of technology that is expected to revolutionise the way we

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