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WorkSafe Inspectors Focus on Falling Objects on Building Sites

Falling objects have been identified as a major source of concern for the construction industry in Victoria, with 5 people having lost their lives from falling objects at Victorian building sites over the past 5 years.During that time 721 people

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Watch 6×6 Mammoth European Truck Review

Sometimes trucks around the world have to conquer the most rugged of terrain especially for construction projects and on mining sites. Carting building materials etc. around these rugged sites is no easy task but here’s the truck for the job

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Amazing Modern Technology at Work on Construction Sites

The world of modern road construction machines is a rapidly evolving one as this video can attest to. One thing that never changes is the need for safety. Safety must be the first priority on any construction site and ensuring

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New Work Health and Safety Legislation To Be Introduced in The ACT

New work health and safety legislation recently introduced in the ACT government Legislative Assembly will mean major construction sites will have to have more worker training and consultation. The Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2018 involves construction projects over

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Pokemon Go Players – Stay Off Construction Sites

Pokemon Go is the latest craze to hit the online world but the dangers linked to people following the game into dangerous situations are happening in the real world. The message from WorkSafe WA is clear, stay off construction sites,

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Paying Attention to FIFO Worker Mental Health

The mental health impacts of fly-in fly-out (FIFO) work are being investigated by a parliamentary committee following a spate of suicides among these workers working in remote parts of Australia. Among those calling for action is the Construction Forestry, Mining and

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Sydney Construction Site Killer Jailed

The illegal construction worker who fatally stabbed a colleague has been jailed. The man walked into a Sydney police station hours after the attack and motioned for an officer to handcuff him. The Chinese national Chun Shui Huang, 43, was sentenced

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Are Construction Sites Safer Than Cafes?

Anyone involved with construction work in WA or elsewhere in Australia must be in possession of a white card to prove they have completed general construction safety training. The focus on health and safety in the construction industry is paying

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UAE’s Mega Projects in Pictures

The UAE is known for its massive and ambitious construction projects. Below are the top 5 Mega construction projects with budgets that are as huge as the project themselves. 5.Abu Dhabi Airport Extension – Cost $2.94 billion 4. Dubai Parks

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Chinese to Invest $60bn in Australian housing market

In the past year, immigrants and Chinese investors have purchased more than $8 billion in residential property in Australia and if this trend continues, it is expected that these buyers will pump at least $60 billion into residential property over

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