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Residents Blame Westconnex for Depression and Asthma

The WestConnex project in Sydney’s inner west is the source of more controversy, this time due to the noise and air pollution emitted from the site. Residents say the huge road construction project is causing depression and breathing problems including

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Construction Worker In Surgery After Bobcat Incident

A construction worker recently had to undergo surgery due to injuries sustained during an incident with a bobcat on a building site in Canberra’s south. The man was crushed by the bobcat at the Kambah site where the Marigal retirement

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This Is Where Housing Construction Is Booming In Australia

Nobody can deny that Australia’s been on an epic housing construction boom in recent years, resulting in more homes being built in the 2015/16 financial year than ever before.But can we pinpoint areas where residential construction has been booming the

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Adelaide Senate Inquiry Looks to Protect Small Contractors

With the sudden collapses of large companies within the construction industry, a Senate Inquiry is underway in Adelaide, looking into ways to protect small businesses and subcontractors seeing as current laws leave smaller businesses vulnerable to loss. The Inquiry came after

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An Entire Life Crammed into 140 Square Foot

Imagine living your entire life in a 140 square foot apartment? Well with apartments in cities getting smaller and smaller, one designer Szymon Hanczar has designed an entire home in a 140 sq foot apartment space. The aesthetically appealing and extremely

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Rate of Serious Claims in Construction industry Falls 31%

Construction safety advocates have welcomed the news that the construction industry’s serious claims fell by 31 per cent between 2001-02 and 2011-12, according to Safe Work Australia’s latest Construction Industry Profile. While we have experienced significant improvements in safety, the construction

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Construction Company Sued for $20 million over Austin Hospital leaks

Construction company, Lend Lease is being sued over defective construction works at the Austin Hospital. Problems include extensive plumbing issues. As a result the government is suing the builders in excess of $20 million. The legal action is being taken by

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Construction Worker Helps a Family of Geese to Safety – Video

Sometimes as construction workers we are required to perform activities above and beyond the call of duty. This Canadian construction worker is called on to help Mother Nature on a highway construction project. This is what makes construction exciting, you

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ABS Figures Show Rise in Queensland Housing Construction

Further good news for builders and tradespeople in Queensland has been released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). ABS figures released on Friday revealed that housing construction in the state has risen. The construction of new houses, units and apartments

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Constructing A Piece of Italy Right Here in Darwin

An Italian immigrant is constructing a replica of the Trevi Fountain in Darwin, hoping it will add romance to the city’s annual Italian festival as well as help raise money for charity. After the festival Mr Scaturchio will disassemble the replica fountain

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