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Watch How Construction Wood is Made

When we want to build something out of wood, we simply need to visit the hardware store but at one time people had to source the wood they used for themselves. Thankfully it isn’t such a mission for us anymore,

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Building Material Innovation that Could Revolutionise Construction

Academics at the University of Cape Town in South Africa may have found an eco-friendly alternative to the standard construction bricks we use today. Instead of the regular clay and concrete building blocks we use today, one day bricks could

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Study Highlights the Benefits of Transparent Wood

I recently read about a study out of North America which highlighted the benefits of transparent wood over traditional glass. The study claims transparent wood is a better way for windows that are more energy efficient. They apparently also provide

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Benefits of CLT Concrete Highlighted

According to recent American research, timber-concrete composite construction systems can meet the same quality standards and structural performance as traditional construction methods. Since 2013 the researchers have been considering using a hybrid concrete timber structure for skyscrapers. It took 3 years

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Fluorescent Cement to Illuminate Highways Sustainably

Our highways may soon be illuminated by a new form of cement that actually emits light. This would mean we don’t need to use external sources of energy, if the light-emitting cement developed at Mexico’s University of San Nicolas Hidalgo

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Construction Boom Expected to Boost Brickworks Earnings

Building materials group Brickworks has indicated a better than expected earnings for this financial year  due to the booming construction industry. The company indicated demand for building products was strong on the east coast and continues to grow. The company

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Coffee Grounds Can be Used to Build Stuff

Did you know coffee grounds have more uses than simply your morning cup of java. A mix of used coffee grounds and waste from iron production is as strong as cement, so naturally it can also be used in roadbuilding

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Glue May Soon Hold Towers Together

Forget mortar and bolts, composite materials and adhesives could soon be used to hold entire skyscrapers together, according to American architect Greg Lynn. Lynn says carbon fibre, fibreglass and other structural plastics could revolutionise highrise construction because they are lighter

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Imported Materials Putting Us At Risk?

An article on Abc.net recently highlighted the risk that Australians are being exposed to from asbestos in imported building materials. The Asbestos Industry Association has warned that asbestos was discovered in cement compound board from China only two months ago. Although

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Tasmanian Timber Industry Challenged

Associate Professor Greg Nolan from the University of Tasmania says there are big opportunities for prefabricated timber products for high rise buildings. The professor highlighted that European and American builders were already using prefabricated timber products to build high rise

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