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Man Crushed by Bobcat in Queensland’s South

Beware when conducting mechanical repairs on machinery and ensure workers safety even when machinery is not in use. An fatal incident has occurred in southern Queensland involving a bobcat which was undergoing repairs. Reports say a man was crushed by

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Ingenious Machines Reshaping Construction Work

Here are the latest machines reshaping how we do construction work. Watch the video and see how many you can identify?

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Construction Site Fire and Explosions

The fire ignited by a powerful blow torch resulted in a massive blaze and evacuation of nearby buildings at Circular Quay recently. Plumes of smoke filled the city sky as the fire on the demolition site blazed. The fire also

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Excavator Incident Leaves Man Injured

An investigation by WorkSafe is underway following an incident involving an excavator which left one man seriously injured. The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon when the excavator was being loaded onto a trailer. The machine flipped and fell on the

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Here’s How Far Construction Machinery Has Come

Each year construction technology seems to improve drastically and now you can watch the latest amazing modern intelligent technology heavy equipment in action. These machines are so amazing its almost easy to forget how dangerous they can be in the

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World’s Most Innovative Construction Machines

Heavy machinery in the construction sector can both help and hinder construction. For a look at some of the world’s most impressive and innovative construction machines, watch this video.

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Advancements in Construction Machinery and Equipment

Moving machinery are one of the hazards workers will face on a construction site which is why general construction induction training is a mandatory requirement for everyone working on a construction site. While we are seeing major advancements in construction

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Top 10 Most Impressive Construction Machines

There’s no doubt that machinery and equipment on construction sites get more advanced every year but are these the most impressive construction machines in action today?  

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World’s Largest Construction Machinery in Action

The average construction worker has seen some pretty impressive construction machines on work sites at some time or the other but the vehicle in this video has some real power behind it!  

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