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Explore Construction Technologies of the Future

An interesting post on Sourceable.net.au explores how advancements in technology has given way to new construction innovations. 3d printed houses such as the one in the image above, is one of the technologies discussed. Find out the others here.

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Latest Population and Residential Building Hotspots Report Released

The latest Population and Residential Building Hotspots Report has been released and according to it, The ACT – South West is the hottest residential construction market in Australia. The Housing Industry Association (HIA) revealed in its report that six of the

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Australian Construction Trades in Demand in NZ


Australian construction workers are in high demand, not only here at home but in New Zealand as well. As the construction boom in that country continues, NZ is trying to coax skilled Aussie workers into helping them meet the demand. The

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Video About The Importance of Testing Safety Switches

In conjunction with a number of other videos relating to electrical safety and safety switches in particular, WorkSafe Queensland has released this video about the importance of testing safety switches every 3 months. Watch the video here  

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US Construction’s Jobless Rate Keeps Falling in May

Construction employment rates in the US have shown significant growth in May according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Construction’s May jobless rate fell to 6.7% from April’s 7.5%, with 17,000 construction jobs added in May. The construction industry here

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Construction Company Sued for $20 million over Austin Hospital leaks

Construction company, Lend Lease is being sued over defective construction works at the Austin Hospital. Problems include extensive plumbing issues. As a result the government is suing the builders in excess of $20 million. The legal action is being taken by

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ABS Figures Show Rise in Queensland Housing Construction

Further good news for builders and tradespeople in Queensland has been released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). ABS figures released on Friday revealed that housing construction in the state has risen. The construction of new houses, units and apartments

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Kitchen and Bathroom Sector Surges due to Construction Growth

According to The Housing Industry Association, a rise in the number of new homes being built has resulted in a corresponding boom in the bathroom and kitchen sector all around the country. The HIA expects at least 195,900 kitchens and 384,800 bathrooms to

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HIA Reports Renovation Market Waning but Construction still Strong

The number of home renovations taking place in Queensland has dropped according to the latest report by the Housing Industry Association [HIA]. However we shouldn’t worry just yet, there is a silver lining to this cloud with the report revealing that housing construction

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Planning Minister Announces 1958 New Apartments for Melbourne

Planning minister Richard Wynne has just announced a $400 million redevelopment of the  Johnston Street, South Melbourne site. The development will includes apartments contained in 4 towers, a retail space as well as a supermarket. The minister said the redevelopment would

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