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Learning About the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

According to experts, the first responder in the majority of carbon monoxide poisoning cases won’t recognise the risk  and die themselves in the process of trying to rescue the victim. Most recently a family of 3 were found dead in

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Don’t Make Light of Pests on Work Sites

A Californian worker has died after being stung by a swarm of bees. The man was apparently evaluating a parking lot when he accidentally struck an underground hive. This incident comes shortly after an Australian worker was stung 92 times

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Importance of Identifying Ergonomic Hazards on The Work Site

Ergonomic hazards aren’t always as obvious to recognise as other hazards which often results in them going unnoticed, especially on high risk sites such as building sites, where other hazards are deemed “more severe”. But identifying and addressing ergonomic hazards

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Why Construction Workers are at risk of Contracting Mesothelioma

Cancer of the mesothelial tissue also known as Mesothelioma is one of the consequences of prolonged exposure to loose asbestos fibres, which sadly affects thousands of Australians and in fact we have the highest rates of this disease in the

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Construction Noise drives New Yorker Mad

Construction workers aren’t the only ones affected by the noise created by construction activities and machinery, people living near construction sites can also be affected. New York is notoriously rowdy and there is always alot of construction going on but one

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Man Injured on NSW Construction Site

A man has been injured on a construction site in Sydney’s inner west after apparently falling 2 metres down a stairwell which was under construction. The man suffered serious injuries to his neck and back but is in a stable

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Video Demos the Worlds Smallest Cordless Drill and Saw

While power tools and hand tools are useful on construction sites, they can present a hazard, although it is doubtful that this drill and saw would cause much injury. The video shows the world’s smallest cordless drill and saw in

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Contractor Suicide Highlights Construction Industry Pressures

The mental health of members of the construction industry has once again come into the spotlight following the death of a Perth based ceiling contractor boss, Ross McGinn. The construction boss committed suicide recently after his company fell on hard times

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Impact of Heavy Rain on Large Construction Project

Racing against the elements to get projects completed on time is something that builders know well. One builder is feeling the pressure right now with potential rains threatening to derail plans to complete work on Suma Park Dam in NSW. The

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Construction Slows for Fourth Month

According to the latest Performance of Construction Index by the Australian Industry Group and the Housing Industry Association (HIA), the construction industry nationally has slowed despite strong residential construction activity. The weakness can be attributed to a reduction in engineering construction.

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