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Concrete falls from Construction Site, Crushes Car

People were shocked when a massive slab of concrete recently fell 17 metres from a Canberra construction site, slamming into a toilet block and a parked car. Thankfully nobody was injured in the incident however a smash repairer who was

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New Method For Replacing Steel Mesh Used In Concrete Reinforcement With Recycled Plastic

An engineering firm Fibercon has developed a new method for replacing steel mesh used in concrete reinforcement with recycled plastic called Emesh. The new product was created in collaboration with researchers from James Cook University in Queensland and has the

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How Precast Panels Save Time and Money in Construction

A recent article highlighted the many benefits of precast concrete panels in construction, according to a specialist in the structural steel and precast industry – Wallandra. The company lists some of the benefits of precast panels in construction projects as:

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Worker Killed in Concrete Pylon Accident

A man was recently crushed to death by a concrete pylon in North Queensland, prompting Workplace Health and Safety to investigate. The accident occurred at a Townsville concrete company around 10:30am a few weeks ago on a Thursday. According to

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Man Killed by Falling Concrete Slab on Gold Coast Remembered

The Gold Coast construction worker killed in a horrific industrial accident at Eagle Farm was recently farewelled. The man was killed while standing in a construction pit when a 9 tonne concrete slab fell on him. The concrete slab was

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Benefits of CLT Concrete Highlighted

According to recent American research, timber-concrete composite construction systems can meet the same quality standards and structural performance as traditional construction methods. Since 2013 the researchers have been considering using a hybrid concrete timber structure for skyscrapers. It took 3 years

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Researchers Discover How to Make Concrete Out of Carbon Dioxide

Green concrete is the latest development by researchers in California who have come up with a new way of sequestering the carbon the carbon dioxide generated by fossil fuel power plants in a 3D printable concrete. The team from the University

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Concrete Developed for Construction on Mars

Researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois have created concrete that they may be able to use to construct shelters on Mars. The concrete uses sulfur and material that mimics Martian soil, making it twice as strong as regular sulfur concrete.

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This is How We’re Going to Strengthen Concrete Structures

It’s interesting to note that strengthening existing concrete structures has been made a little easier with the application of cystalline coatings. The crystalline coatings infiltrate pores and cracks and becomes a part of the concrete. There have been concerns raised

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Family of Irish Worker Killed on Perth Site Want Answers

The family of one of the two Irish workers killed on an East Perth construction site have travelled from Northern Ireland to try and find answers as to what happened to their loved one. The 2 men were killed in

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