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World’s Deadliest Construction Sites

Advancements in technology in the construction sector don’t always correspond with advancements in safety, as the recent Qatar World Cup construction proves. In fact it has been estimated that by the time the stadiums and structures for the Qatar World

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Ways to Make More Money as a Plumber

As a recent post on ContractorMag.com points out being a profitably successful plumber is about more than just plumbing. Like any other contractor, plumbing contractors need to learn to become good businesspeople in order to make a better living. Taking

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Worker “Falls into the Void” Company Fined $270k

A 22yr old construction worker was sent to work alone near a deep, dark shaft. Before the accident occurred he had asked for help with the task that he was set but was refused. He fell five metres “into the void”

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Union Lashes Out at Construction Drug Blitz

The construction union representing workers at the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital have lashed out at the random drug testing of workers on the site. They say the entire workforce should be tested because testing just construction workers won’t eradicate

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Canberra Construction Welcomes New Government Measures

Construction companies in The ACT planning on tendering for government projects can look forward to a new, updated and more streamlined system which will hopefully reduce turnaround time for construction projects. The state government also announced that it would be

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