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National Response to Non-conforming Building Products

After calls for a national approach to the problem of non-conforming building products, building ministers from around the country have complied and established a national response to restricting the use of the sub-standard products. Minister for Housing and Public Works

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Inquiry told Australian buildings ‘ticking time bombs’

A Senate committee has been told that Australian homes and businesses may be ‘ticking time bombs’ thanks to the number of defective building products that are going undetected. The revelation was made by The Housing Industry Association and construction union who

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Making Sustainable Concrete from Incinerated Sludge

A study from the Universiti Teknologi MARA in Selangor, Malaysia recently highlighted the possibility of using incinerated sludge to create a more sustainable and resilient form of concrete by replacing Portland cement. The researchers in the study replaced the Ordinary Portland Cement

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Tasmanian Timber Industry Challenged

Associate Professor Greg Nolan from the University of Tasmania says there are big opportunities for prefabricated timber products for high rise buildings. The professor highlighted that European and American builders were already using prefabricated timber products to build high rise

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Bricks That Help Combat Pollution

The Breathe Brick developed by Carmen Trudell an assistant professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s school of architecture and founder of Both Landscape and Architecture, forms part of a building’s ventilation system, sucking polluted air and releasing cleaner, filtered air. The

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Look at This New Building Product!

Can you believe this building is made up of used Pepsi bottles? In an innovative new project, a school in the Phillipines has been built using old Pepsi bottles. The structures have been described as “sustainable, eco-friendly, low-cost and disaster-resistant” and can

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