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Australian Scientists Develop Material to Stop Buildings Collapsing in Earthquakes

Scientists at the University of Technology Sydney have found a way to protect buildings from earthquakes. The researchers at the Centre for Built Infrastructure Research at the university discovered that existing synthetic geotextiles used within building foundations were the perfect

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Building Material Innovation that Could Revolutionise Construction

Academics at the University of Cape Town in South Africa may have found an eco-friendly alternative to the standard construction bricks we use today. Instead of the regular clay and concrete building blocks we use today, one day bricks could

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How Precast Panels Save Time and Money in Construction

A recent article highlighted the many benefits of precast concrete panels in construction, according to a specialist in the structural steel and precast industry – Wallandra. The company lists some of the benefits of precast panels in construction projects as:

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Company Charged for Incorrect Storage of Explosives

A mining company has been issued a $20,000 fine in Kalgoorlie Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to insecure storage of explosives. WA Police discovered the theft of 100kg of explosives at the Higginsville gold mine near Norseman in the Goldfields,

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Asbestos Work Ban A Threatened by Union

The CFMEU is considering a ban on work with materials imported from certain countries, following the surge of asbestos building and construction products on Australian sites. According to an Australian Border Force commissioner, detection of asbestos containing imports has tripled

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Would You Use Polystyrene Blocks for Building?

One of the building products growing in popularity are polystyrene blocks which the manufacturers say is a low-density, flexible, durable solution with exceptional ability for recycling. Manufacturers, Foamex say the blocks span different applications and can be utilised to their

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Inquiry Into How Banned Asbestos is Getting Past Customs

A senate inquiry has heard that banned asbestos, and other hazardous building products are making their way past custom officials and into Australia, to be used in Australian homes and buildings. A submission made to the inquiry by the national

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Lacrosse Docklands Cladding to Be Stripped

The contentious combustible cladding covering the Docklands high-rise will be stripped from the building, after it was discovered that the material was imported and was not up to Australian standards. The owners of the building were ordered to remove the

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Study Highlights the Benefits of Transparent Wood

I recently read about a study out of North America which highlighted the benefits of transparent wood over traditional glass. The study claims transparent wood is a better way for windows that are more energy efficient. They apparently also provide

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Benefits of CLT Concrete Highlighted

According to recent American research, timber-concrete composite construction systems can meet the same quality standards and structural performance as traditional construction methods. Since 2013 the researchers have been considering using a hybrid concrete timber structure for skyscrapers. It took 3 years

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