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Decline in Housing but Rise in Construction Jobs

The latest construction activity data is surprising. Despite an improvement in the construction labour market, data shows construction activity is actually on the decline. According to the Bureau of Statistics, residential building approvals declined by 5.6 per cent between April

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Bundaberg Construction Booming

Commercial and industrial building approvals have skyrocketed across the Bundaberg region to October 2016, recording a 73 per cent rise in activity compared to the previous year. According to Bundaberg Mayor this has provided a much needed economic boost to

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Tasmania’s Building Approvals Made Easier with Reforms

Tasmania’s new Building Bill has been welcomed by the construction industry, labelling it as ‘long overdue” and a “nation-leading initiative”. The bill removes the need for permits on a number of basic building projects. The reforms will make getting building

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More About Record-Breaking Year for Housing Construction

Last year (2015) goes on record as the busiest year for new residential building activity. According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), more than 22,000 dwellngs began construction over the year, this was 11 per cent more

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Most Important Things to Understand about Housing Approvals

Although new home approvals remain high – 5.1% up from a year earlier, approvals slumped by 6.9% in August. Building approvals numbered 226,415 which translates to an increase of 13.1% on August 2014 and the largest annual increase on record. Dwelling approvals excluding

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