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Inquiry Into How Banned Asbestos is Getting Past Customs

A senate inquiry has heard that banned asbestos, and other hazardous building products are making their way past custom officials and into Australia, to be used in Australian homes and buildings. A submission made to the inquiry by the national

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Construction Employment’s Positive Outlook

Employment within the construction sector across Australia is strong and according to recruiters both tradespeople and professionals are in high demand. The high number of residential projects underway across Australia has something to do with it, as does the vast

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Suicide Among Construction Workers Targeted by Prevention Program

  The sad truth is that tradespeople in Australia are 6 times more likely to commit suicide than to die in an onsite accident, so why don’t we pay more attention to worker mental health and depression? MATES in Construction

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Construction Workers on Road Works Being Endangered

The CFMEU has accused contractors involved with work on Pacific Highway upgrades of putting the safety of road construction workers at risk by failing their duty of care. The union says contractors on North Coast roads projects of neglecting safety

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Arsonists Believed to Be Behind Building Site Blaze

An arsonist is believed to be behind a construction site fire at a complex at Dunstan Street, Melbourne’s south-east. The flames spread within minutes and almost spread to the 2 storey building next door. The blaze took 50 firefighters to

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What You Need to Know About The ABCC

The legislation to reinstate the construction watchdog, The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) was passed in December and there have been reactions from the industry. While employers and Master Builders Australia have welcomed the legislation, which they say will

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Civil Construction Projects to Thrive in 2017

According to market research from IBISWorld, road and bridge construction, and oil and gas extraction are set to flourish in 2017, while we may still see a fall in heavy industry construction and apartment construction. According to IBISWorld senior industry

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Residents Assured of Safety Despite Asbestos Discovery

A material containing asbestos was discovered at a building site in Tullamarine, sparking concerns from residents. Authorities were quick to reassure residents of their safety despite the concern of many homeowners in the area. Work taking place at a vacant

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Watch Major Roadway Construction Underway

There’s something so satisfying about a construction time-lapse, watching something rise out of nothing. In this video we’ll see the King Georges Road interchange construction underway. Although road construction can be inconvenient for motorists, they always make traffic flow so

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WorkSafe NZ Reminds Worksites to Start The Year Off Right

WorkSafe New Zealand has joined the call of other workplace authorities urging workers and businesses to make safety a priority in the workplace, even from the start of the year. As we say goodbye to this year’s first month, we’ve

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