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Here’s How Many Workers Have Died in 2019

According to the latest figures from Safe Work Australia, there have been 18 Australian workers killed on the job in 2019 so far. While agriculture remains the most fatal sector with 6 fatalities so far, the construction sector has 4

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NSW Government Crackdown on Dodgy Building Certifiers

Dodgy building certifiers are at the source of the NSW Government’s latest construction crackdown, who announced it would target corrupt building certifiers after the Sydney Opal Tower incident. Recently the Opal Tower was evacuated after a crack was discovered in

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Workers on Canberra Light Rail Work in 40 Degree Weather

The hot weather isn’t behind us yet and the construction union is calling for workers to stop work when temperatures reach 37 degrees. Recently construction workers on Canberra’s light rail network were forced to work in 39 degree heat. The

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Prevent Heat Illness by Protecting Workers- NT WorkSafe Urges

NT WorkSafe is urging employers and workers to take precautionary measures when working in the heat this summer. With the NT and many other parts of the nation experiencing heat waves, it’s important to protect workers and look out for

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Interested in Construction? Here’s what to do first.

With 2019 approaching you may be wondering whether a job in construction is the right fit for you? Maybe you’re looking for a long term career or perhaps you’re looking for something short term, either way you’ll need to know

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Working in Isolation can be a Pain and an Advantage

Working alone can seem like a nightmare to some, while others relish the idea, but recently a researcher at the remote Bellingshausen Station in Antarctica allegedly stabbed a colleague, with some reports saying the victim had given away endings to

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Man Charged Over Construction Site Stabbing on Central Coast

A 33 year old man has been stabbed in his neck and chest and sustained cuts to both his hands after being attacked by another man on a construction site on the Central Coast. A man has been charged over

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Construction Workers High Spinal Risk

A new study published recently in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health revealed that workers in the construction industry experience high rates of traumatic spinal injuries. In fact of the 824 cases of people studied who had

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How Broad Core Tubular Stainless Steel Building is Helping The Chinese Build Super Fast

The Chinese have developed a super fast way of construction buildings using stainless steel. Buildings in the Chinese province of Shenzhen are coming up faster than ever, with stainless steel tubes at their core. Watch how and why this new

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Italian Construction Workers Make Valuable Find in Dig

Construction work is anything but boring, you never know what a day on the job could bring. A group of Italian construction workers made an amazing discovery recently buried under a theatre in Como. Construction workers were excavating an old

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