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Building Material Innovation that Could Revolutionise Construction

Academics at the University of Cape Town in South Africa may have found an eco-friendly alternative to the standard construction bricks we use today. Instead of the regular clay and concrete building blocks we use today, one day bricks could

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Would You Use Polystyrene Blocks for Building?

One of the building products growing in popularity are polystyrene blocks which the manufacturers say is a low-density, flexible, durable solution with exceptional ability for recycling. Manufacturers, Foamex say the blocks span different applications and can be utilised to their

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Australian Construction Site Domino Bricks Topple

So this is what construction workers do in their spare time? These Australian bricklayers have found a novel way to bring one of their favorite childhood past times to the building site but instead of using dominoes, they used bricks.

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Building Blocks from Mushrooms

Mushrooms may be one of favourite pizza toppings but now it’s being used for more than just eating. In Canada researchers used mushrooms to build 6 public benches using honey-comb shaped bricks. The bricks are made of oyster mushroom spores

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Bricklaying Company Receives $90,000 Workplace Safety Breach Fine

A bricklaying company and its director have been charged $90,000 relating to an incident in 2012 during which a worker suffered electric shock. The fine brings the total amount for fines relating to this incident to almost three-quarters of a

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Improve Earthquake Resistance with Anti-Seismic Bricks

We are making strides when it comes to developing more resistant building materials and the latest invention will help improve the earthquake resistance of buildings. You would think earthquake resistance would require complex or costly structural interventions but the new

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Demolition Job Gone Wrong

One construction worker engaged in demolition was lucky to escape death after more than a thousand tonnes of bricks collapsed onto him. The American construction worker was helping demolish a 46m tall chimney stall in Alabama when 2 previous attempts

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Imported Materials Putting Us At Risk?

An article on Abc.net recently highlighted the risk that Australians are being exposed to from asbestos in imported building materials. The Asbestos Industry Association has warned that asbestos was discovered in cement compound board from China only two months ago. Although

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Robot Stacks Bricks Into Amazingly Complicated Building Facades

The Swiss have created a brick stacking robot that can stack bricks into complicated and beautiful building facades. These designs seem to defy gravity but the robot has positioned these bricks and glued them into position. The bricks have a special

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Do you know your bricks? Find out here.

Are you experienced in the construction industry? Think you know your bricks? Although bricks were used purely for their practical uses in the past, nowadays bricks also serve an aesthetic purpose. And with all the variety out there, as builders

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