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Company Fined $75,000 Following Serious Injury of Young Apprentice Worker

A builder from Toowoomba has been hit with a $75,000 fine after a teenage apprentice was injured in 2017. The apprentice’s hand was lacerated from his pinky finger to the base of his thumb by a circular saw. The apprentice

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Young Apprentice Fatality in Sydney- Company Had been Warned about Safety Before the Accident

Recent reports have emerged that reveal that safety concerns were raised at the Macquarie Park site where 18 year old Christopher Cassaniti was killed prior to the scaffolding collapse that resulted in his death. A report by 60 Minutes indicated

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Company’s $22k Fine Over Apprentice’s Serious Injury

A company in Western Australia was fined $22,000 over a fall incident that happened in 2017. The incident involved an apprentice who fell 6 metres from a trestle scaffold and sustained serious injuries. He was a part of a team

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Confined Space Incident Claims the Life of Apprentice Worker

The health and safety of apprentices on work sites has been highlighted by a tragic incident at a Melbourne worksite. A 20 year old apprentice worker died while working inside an open-ended tank. The man became overcome with the fumes

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Safety Toolkit Focuses on Young Worker Wellbeing

A new safety toolkit has been introduced by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, focusing on young workers. This is an important safety tool given than 18 per cent of the state’s labour force is made up of workers between 15

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Employers, Beware of Apprentice Safety Around High Risk Sites

Late last year there were 2 early career apprentices badly injured on ACT construction sites, prompting Skills Canberra to submit a written request to employers that school based apprentices not be involved in any high risk activities on construction sites.

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Electrician Charged for Bullying Apprentice

An electrician who bullied an apprentice has been cautioned by a Melbourne magistrate that “we’re not in the 1950s anymore”. The man from Clyde North harassed and stalked his young apprentice over a 2 year period, where he used explicit

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WorkSafe ACT investigating 2 Workplace Injuries

It may be the holidays but that doesn’t mean WorkSafe ACT aren’t being kept busy. They are currently investigating 2 workplace injuries, prompting the authority to issue a reminder to the construction industry to “put safety first”. One incident involved

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Builder Who Bullied Young Apprentice Receives $12,500 Fine

A builder in Geelong has been fined $12,500 after repeated incidents of bullying. WorkSafe Victoria said the builder repeatedly bullied his teenage apprentice over the course of 2 years until he left in April 2015. The young apprentice was the

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How Do You Get a High-paying Education Minus The Debt – An Apprenticeship

A recent article on ContractorMag.com discussed the skills gap in The United States that apprenticeships could help narrow. Although the article was discussing the American situation, the same can be said of the situation here in Australia. With a booming

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