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Getting Your White Card: Parramatta Online – It’s Only $38.50!


Parramatta is one of the areas in NSW that has experienced a noticeable surge in construction activity, impacting the need for construction workers. With the demand high for construction workers in this area, you might have been looking to complete a White Card course in a classroom based in Parramatta, but you may have been unaware that an easier way exists! That is, doing the course online!

Doing your White Card course online offers a number of benefits:

White Card Online Benefits for Parramatta

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Our course is favoured by the industry because of its high quality, convenience and affordability – only $38.50!

More about the Course

Anyone planning to work in the construction sector must complete the competency unit CPCCWHS1001: Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (White Card) course, whether they intend to work in Parramatta or anywhere else in Australia.

The Card is nationally recognised, allowing those who possess it to work in any state or territory in the country. Specifically, you should be aware that the NSW Safework website states this:

Interstate cards: Construction workers can work in NSW using construction induction cards issued by other states and territories. See this fact sheet for more information.”

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Parramatta Landscape (Labelled for reuse)

Is the Online Course Better Suited To You Than Face-To-Face?

Your choice is pretty simple: With face-to-face, classroom based courses you need to put aside a whole day, drive to the venue, find parking, organise food, and sit through the lessons all day, then drive home! If you live in rural or remote locations, this can be a major issue, just finding a training company nearby!

This makes our online alternative very appealing! You can complete the course from home at your convenience, even doing just an hour or so’s work each evening.

Even if your knowledge of computers is limited, the course is simple and easy to understand. Our user-friendly interface makes grasping the information easy and completing the online assessment simple.

To make sure students have understood the information, there is a short verbal assessment conducted with one of our assessors over the phone at the end of the course. So there is never any need to come in or leave the comfort of your home. Note that you do have to verify your ID and get some documents signed off before you send them in to us.

The course typically takes 3-4 hours to complete the course content, plus a little extra for the assessments. On successful completion of the course your White Card is posted to you in the mail, so you would receive it a few days after completing the assessments, even quicker if you choose our “Express Delivery” option at the Checkout which uses Express Post.

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