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International Building Regulations Could Save Lives


Professor Kim Lovegrove from The University of Newcastle NSW recently proposed that international building regulations be introduced to minimize the impact of natural disasters. Prof. Lovegrove says that natural disasters such as the earthquake that hit Christchurch in 2011 and

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Video: Ladder Fails, & Cool Ladder System

Recently at the Ladder Safety Conversation at the Annual American Society of Safety Engineers International Conference & Expo in Atlanta Georgia, a leading ladder system and ladder safety company called Little Giant Ladders presented two sessions titled “Fines, Fatalities and the Future of Fall Protection” and “Fall

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Safety Alert Issued Following Flood Damage

WorkSafe NT has issued a safety alert to remind owners and operators of commercial premises of the risks of electrical failure and fires following the recent hailstorm and flood, as electrical aplicances and accessories would have been submerged in water.

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Keys to Preventing Falls in The Workplace

The significant number of work related deaths and injuries across all industries in Australia is reason enough for us to discuss the keys for preventing falls in the workplace. In construction, the risks may be more relevant, so there’s a

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Avoiding Workplace Injuries

An article on safety website SafetyCulture.com.au recently spoke about some of the measures needed to prevent injuries in the workplace. The writer pointed out that work related injuries cost the nation’s economy around $60.6 billion annually according to Safe Work

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Don’t Forget PPE When Welding

Welding can be one of the most dangerous tasks on the construction site but even more so when the proper precautions aren’t taken, afterall welders are working in close proximity to the heat for long hours every day. Add to

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“Protect Your Hearing”, Workers Reminded

Workers that engage in construction work are being urged by WorkSafe WA to protect their hearing and are reminded that there are some chemicals that cause damage to your hearing. According to WorkSafe, one in five construction workers say they suffer

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Research Shows Mental Health Spending Increase

A report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has revealed that spending on mental health services in the country has increased with more than $8 billion being spent nationally on mental health services between 2013 and 2014. On

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Is it Dangerous to Treat All Hazards the Same?

Are we endangering lives because we treat all hazards the same? This was the question posed in a recent blog post on SafetyRisk.net. The problem seems to lie in the fact that we address some hazards and think that it’s

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Preventing Traumatic Head Injuries

For construction workers traumatic head injuries are a real concern because they can occur in a number of instances. Whether it’s from falling debris or materials, from slips, trips or falls, or even being hit in the head by machinery

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