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Date Posted13/07/2016

Fluorescent Cement to Illuminate Highways Sustainably


Our highways may soon be illuminated by a new form of cement that actually emits light. This would mean we don’t need to use external sources of energy, if the light-emitting cement developed at Mexico’s University of San Nicolas Hidalgo (UMSNH) is put to use.

The cement works in a similar way as other flourescent materials – absorbing solar energy during the day and emitting it at night.

According to creators the material can produce light for up to 12 hours after dark.

It is a particularly good option for parts of the globe that have strong sunlight during the day and because it is resistant to sun-damage, it will last longer than other fragile flourescent products in the past. In fact the material is predicted to last for a century.  Read more at https://sourceable.net/fluorescent-cement-can-illuminate-highways-sustainably/

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