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Date Posted08/12/2018

Working in Isolation can be a Pain and an Advantage

Working alone can seem like a nightmare to some, while others relish the idea, but recently a researcher at the remote Bellingshausen Station in Antarctica allegedly stabbed a colleague, with some reports saying the victim had given away endings to books that the attacker was using – proving that solitary work isn’t for everyone, at least not for extended periods of time.

Reports say “cabin fever” may have been a factor and that people become restless, bored and annoyed when working in isolation and confined spaces and as this case proves even scientists can be susceptible to it.

According to studies a similar effect can be suffered by other people such as drivers or even people working on a remote construction site for example.

Researchers found that stress, lack of motivation, depression and eventually burnout, are some of the possible risks of isolation.

Researchers also found this isolated work can have an impact on health and lower the worker’s lifespan, for example some workers smoked as many as 15 cigarettes a day when working in these conditions. Read more at https://www.smartcompany.com.au/people-human-resources/productivity/solitude-benefits-pitfalls-working-isolation/

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