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Date Posted19/06/2015

“Wearables” about to take off in Australian Market


Source: http://blog.capterra.com

Frost & Sullivan has predicted that “wearable technology” will be a $1billion business in Australia by 2018. And with all the potential wearable technology presents to improve safety in the workplace, the construction industry is bound to see a number of wearable technologies being introduced in the near future, if they aren’t already in use.

I recently came across a blog that listed the “coolest” wearable technologies for the construction industry. Here they are below:

  1. XOEye Technologies
xoeye tech

Source: http://blog.capterra.com

This technology will help supervisors and managers keep an eye on workers with live feedback, so they would constantly be able to monitor what’s going on.

This technology relies on a “cloud-based ocular system” – the workers wear the glasses that are wired to the internet with camera and projected screen and management monitors the feed from their office.

This technology has huge potential and can prove especially helpful with making sure new employees are getting the supervision and guidance they need.

2. The Halo Light

Thirty percent of motor vehicle crashes in developed countries involve someone at work. Not only that, but 40% of road work zone injuries are caused between 9PM and 6AM. One company has proactively addressed this issue with a “360° personal active safety system” that wraps around any hard hat.

The Halo Light provides visibility for up to a quarter mile and its rechargeable battery lasts for a full twelve hours. This innovation far beats out reflective gear, which entirely depends on external light sources—sometimes coming at you at 60 miles per hour—to ensure a wearer’s safety

Source: Blog.Capterra.com

3.  DAQRI Smart Helmet

The helmet lays out the worker’s work instructions right in the helmet’s visor so its before their eyes. Described as a 4D system this will help with productivity, accuracy and minimise wasted time.

The helmet also supports “360° navigation cameras… HD video recording, photography, 3D mapping, and alphanumeric capture meaning that the potential for data mining, compliance optimization, and maintaining construction records is limitless.

Source: Blog.Capterra.com

4. Myo + Bridgit 


Source: Blog.Capterra.com

This little device fits on a worker’s arm and allows them to make gestures to interact with the interface in conjunction with smart glasses like the ones from Google (Google Glass). It allows the user to take pictures, communicate with supervisors and co-workers and check tasks off their to-do list.

Bridgit, one of the innovators in construction management software, integrates its Closeout mobile software with Myo. Users can use Myo, along with their glasses, to become a data-gathering guru just by being around the site. Workers can upload photos to Closeout and create tasks with simple gestures, improving communication and workplace accuracy.

Source: Blog.Capterra.com


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