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Date Posted23/11/2018

Safety Advice for Unloading a Truck on A Construction Site

Unloading a truck on a construction site is a hazardous operation which can result in serious injuries and/or fatalities if the appropriate safety procedures aren’t implemented and undertaken daily on site.

Some of the factors that increase risk include uneven ground or when a load is lowered into a pit.

Employers are reminded of the need to regularly review their safety procedures to ensure continued effectiveness.

An incident that happened in the United States is an example of what can go wrong and why safety procedures are crucial. A driver was killed in the 2017 incident when the coal truck he was driving tipped over as he attempted to dump a load of frozen coal.

As the bed raised the trailer rocked and tipped over. The driver attempted to jump from the moving truck and was struck by the truck. He suffered fatal injuries.

The truck is believed to have tipped due to a combination of factors including the size and weight of the truck, uneven ground, an unbalanced load and underinflated tyres.

Adequate training and implementation of a safety plan are crucial in avoiding these types of incidents.

The following steps can be implemented by drivers to avoid incidents,

  • Keep tires properly inflated and ensure they are not worn.

  • Use antifreeze in cold weather to prevent material from freezing and sticking in the truck bed. Ensure the load is evenly distributed.

  • Never overload the upper portion of the truck bed.

  • Keep your truck and trailer in a straight line when backing up, and never move faster than walking speed.

  • Stay in the cab with your seat belt on during the entire dumping process. Never attempt to exit or jump from an overturning truck. Remaining in the truck is the single best thing drivers can do to protect themselves at a mine.

  • Dump only on level surfaces, and never dump when surfaces are uneven, loose, or not properly compacted.

Source: https://safety.blr.com/workplace-safety-news/construction-safety/construction-safety/Dump-truck-safety-for-drivers-Stay-in-the-cab/

Everyone on site has a role to play when it comes to safety including employees not directly involved in dumping or loading onto the truck.

Operators also need to ensure they have safe work procedures in place, have adequately trained workers and are monitoring high risk work activities in particular.

In the construction industry, all workers must complete general construction induction training before they begin work, to ensure they are aware of how to work safely on a construction site. To find out more about this safety training for the construction industry visit www.whitecardonlineexpress.com.au

See more at https://safety.blr.com/workplace-safety-news/construction-safety/construction-safety/Dump-truck-safety-for-drivers-Stay-in-the-cab/

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