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Date Posted02/10/2018

Italian Construction Workers Make Valuable Find in Dig

Source: Pixabay.com

Construction work is anything but boring, you never know what a day on the job could bring. A group of Italian construction workers made an amazing discovery recently buried under a theatre in Como.

Construction workers were excavating an old theatre to make way for a new apartment complex when they found a jug in the mud. The pottery was cracked and revealed what seemed to be sparkling coins inside.

The coins discovered are believed to date back to the fifth century AD making this a massive historical and cultural find.

In fact Italian Cultural Heritage Minister Alberto Bonisoli said the entire area has proven to be archaelogically rich.

The precise value of the coins is unknown, because they are not a marketable commodity but you could describe them as priceless, especially given their excellent state of preservation.

Once experts have completed their examinations, the coins will be displayed in a museum.

Source: https://pickle.nine.com.au/2018/09/10/09/33/roman-coins-found-jug-como-italy-theatre

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