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Date Posted24/12/2018

Interested in Construction? Here’s what to do first.

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With 2019 approaching you may be wondering whether a job in construction is the right fit for you? Maybe you’re looking for a long term career or perhaps you’re looking for something short term, either way you’ll need to know a few things first.

  • While opportunities in construction abound across all states and territories, and work can be lucrative, it is a industry fraught with hazards which is why the federal government mandated general construction induction training to ensure everyone working on a building site knows how to work safely in the construction industry.
  • Even if you’re backpacker working temporarily on a building site as a labourer or if you’re a professional engineer visiting construction sites on a regular basis, you must complete the training.
  • This induction training is also referred to as The White Card course because once you complete the training you will receive a small, credit-card sized, white card which is your proof of having completed the course.This white card can be presented when applying for a job, it is mandatory on any Australian site.
  • The White Card is an entry-level occupational health and safety training course and takes a couple of hours to complete online. Completing the training is not just fulfilling a mandatory federal requirement but teaching you how to stay safe in construction, working in a way that doesn’t endanger you or your co-workers.

Do I Really Need a White Card?

You may be asking yourself whether a white card is really necessary, maybe you’ll only be working for a few months in construction or perhaps you’re experienced in construction internationally but have never worked in Australia before. Whatever your situation, if you plan on working on a construction site anywhere in Australia, you must complete the White Card course. Health and safety inspectors will visit construction sites and check that all workers are in possession of a white card. Moreover construction employers will not hire you without proof of completing the course.

Once you complete the course, the accreditation is nationally recognised and you will not need to repeat the training if you plan to move to another site or state/territory.

Whether you’re qualified or experience in another country, everyone in the construction industry in Australia must complete the White Card course as part of a mandatory federal requirement.

Skilled labourers, general labourers, apprentices, contractors, site managers and supervisors, project managers, roofers, plumbers, masons etc. all need to have a White Card.

If you plan on moving to Australia, you can even complete the White Card course from your home country online before arriving.

How Can I Complete The White Card Course?

The White Card training can be completed online and face-to-face like a traditional training course. The online method is obviously more convenient, affordable and hassle-free.

To learn more about the course content or sign up click here.

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