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Date Posted14/05/2019

Federal Inquiry Found That Being Tired at Work is Equivalent to Being Drunk

Source: Pixabay

If you thought going to work tired every day was no big deal, a new study has revealed that tired workers are as impaired as drunk drivers.

Researchers found that tired workers, like drunk drivers present a danger to themselves and others.

The federal government inquiry into sleep health in the workplace found that shifts affecting regular sleep are dangerous and cost the economy by making workers less productive. These workers are also at a higher risk of accidents and injuries, and tend to make more mistakes.

Released recently, The Bedtime Reading inquiry found that shift work is connected to conditions associated with poor sleep such as sleep disorders, mental health problems, obesity and even cancer.

The inquiry compared tiredness to having a blood alcohol reading of 0.05.  It also pointed out that 23 per cent of all car crashes on Victorian Roads are as a result of people not having enough sleep.

Shift work is of particular concern, with the study suggesting a possible need for health screening of shift workers, to identify “at risk” workers where impairment  due to tiredness could be dangerous or even fatal. Read more at : https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/being-tired-at-work-the-equivalent-of-being-drunk-federal-inquiry/news-story/79213de6b6ba9696a3adbbe92f96a68e

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